The Gel Nails Experiment

20140403-130324.jpgThis what my nails usually look like. The cuticles are ragged. If there is polish, it will be clear and peeling. I’m not the froo-froo type with hair “done”, tailored clothes and Jimmy Choo shoes. Oh, no. In fact, just the other day at the track meet, my friend, Alice, commented, as I was throwing on Superman’s sweatshirt, how she didn’t own anything like that. Huh?!? You don’t own a big ole, comfy sweatshirt? You know what? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a t-shirt and shorts either! She cares about her appearance and has pride in her self-esteem. She actually dresses herself in an attractive, adult outfit every day. She always looks nice. Huh. That’s a thought.

Saturday, Superman, Thomas and I are getting on a cruise ship with some folks in his business. As I decide what I’m going to pack, I actually see my hands for the first time in a while and realize they are atrocious!

20140403-131807.jpg But let’s get serious….how else should they look, when I use them as a screwdriver, scraper and pry bar?

Superman deserves better than this! He needs his woman to have hands and feet like she cares about herself. I check out the new nail trends on Pinterest.

20140403-132217.jpgSo, I see that it doesn’t matter how many colors you use.

20140403-132313.jpgCreativity is key.

20140403-132944.jpgBless her heart! She’s got her work cut out for herself. After putting away the Black and Decker rotary sander to smooth away the callouses, rough skin and thick toe nails, she used the Dremmel for a final polish. I was so embarrassed that I hid behind a People Magazine.

I decided to get Gel Nails for my manicure, in hopes that it would help make it last through the cruise. I was happy to hear that this was not the same procedure where you ended up with thick talons. I asked Chrystal, my nail tech, how long she thought this might last. She said “If you no do handyman stuff, you will make it to two week. If you do DUI (hopefully, she meant DIY) I don’t know. One day? Two day!” I jokingly asked her what she meant? She replied, “Your husband afford you go on cruise, he afford you to have tool. Use them!” Ok, ok, I got it. Use the tools, not my nails.

Chrystal is very gentle with the whole process and I complement her on it. You see, because when I do it I shove the cuticles back, then basically rip them out with the cuticle scissors, (which aren’t as sharp as they should be after I’ve used them to open plastic packaging and to cut string.)

20140403-134939.jpgHere we are with my French-sport look. If I had known, I would’ve gotten an American-sport, which Chrystal says is less white. I’m sure I’m so last year, or a decade ago with my white tips, but they do look clean and polished. I’m curious of how long these gals will look this way.


20140403-135246.jpgSam is checking out my newly sanded down feet. I wonder if she likes the color?

20140403-135609.jpgWell, I notice that although my nails look pretty, my kitchen table needs some work! You’ll be glad to know, I did NOT start scraping the goop off with my newly gelled nails! I’m feeling a little more grown up already.

Hope you have a great day!


Oh Happy Day!

20140401-082321.jpgartwork via Katie Daisy
Oh Happy Day! The sun is shining and it’s going to get up to 80 degrees. I get to drive four handsome, smart, loving and very funny guys to school. I feel energized. I feel like singing. I feel like saying Hey!to Laney the lab.
So, is it a crime for me for me to be a little joyful in car going to school? I think not!

I compromise on the radio station, because I look at it as an opportunity to throw in a bit of mom-isms to counter the trash being presented. Such as the importance of fathers in the child’s life. And how much more honorable it is to keep your pants zipped. Sure it takes two to tango, but if that young girl had a loving father relationship and a boyfriend who was willing to honor her, she may keep her legs crossed. (And with that, she ended her sermon with an Amen!)

The day is beautiful! Be joyful! Let’s all sing together!

“Mom! Please be quiet.”

“Baby, I love you!” I try stroking his sweet widdle head, but he pushes my hand away.

“Seriously. Be quiet.”

Well, now I get the giggles. (Actually, it turned into an all out guffaw, tears rolling, and I can’t get my breath.) One of the guys asked what was in my coffee.

“Mom! Oh my gosh.”

“Would you rather me be a grumpy face?”

He just shakes his head in disgust.

As I wish the boys a great day and encourage them to be joy spreaders, he slams the car door.

“Oh, reeeally now?” I think to myself. That to me is a challenge. In fact, it just escalated to a Triple-Dog-Dare-You!
So, as I circle around the parking lot and pass in front of the school, I rolled down my window, beeped my horn and shouted to my sweet, adorable son to have a great day!

Again, I ask…Is it a crime to have a joyful spirit so early in the morning? I think not. Just don’t ask me to turn it off!

I hope your day is filled with singing, dancing and a whole lot of laughing!
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