Spring Sightings


  Lately I have loved sitting here at my kitchen table and watching the goings on at the bird feeders. This morning I watched this squirrel leap to the feeder, swing around then leap off again. Some think of them as a menace, but I sort of like watching them.  


  Sam was not having any of his shenanigans.  They had an old west stare down. I swear they had an intense “who’s going to blink first” contest. Well the squirrel blinked, then Sam threw herself into the window! Sam won. The squirrel ran away. Good girl.

(Yes, that is a bb shot hole in the lower right hand corner of the window.)

(Famous last words between a mother and son, whose practicing his shooting skills on some soft drink cans lined up on this here brick wall…Me: Point that thing AWAY from the house! Son: Aww, don’t worry Mom, I haven’t missed a shot. See?….crack.) 

 Also around the bird feeders was a baby bunny. Awww….sooo cute. Sam chased it away by her usual throwing-her-body-against-the-window. Sam. 

 Sam was barking away at something under a bush. She would run to me all excited then run back to the bush, totally wanting me to see what she found. And here it is! A snake skin. Where there is a snake skin, there is a snake. Hopefully it’s a good garden snake. 

 Again Sam was barking away at something. “Look Ma! I found something!” This time it was at something in our tree by the garage. At first I didn’t see anything, but upon closer inspection I saw this little sweetie. Oh my doodness! Check out his mohawk.  

  A few weeks ago, I spotted a robin swoop into the jessamine vine. I think this is sooo beautiful. I wish I could sit and watch her weave her nest. It’s perfect! I’m betting the fluff of fur came from Cappy, the dog next door.  
 About a week later, this little guy hatched. His little fur/hair/feathers/fluff looks so soft.  At the back of the nest, I see the mud momma robin used to hold it together. How did she do that?

  And now about 10 days old. Wow. Absolutely amazing.
No, Sam has not been able to get near these sweet babies. Momma Robin does a quick dive bomb whenever Sam gets near. When I have been watering, I’ll notice Momma with a worm in her mouth. I’ll stop what I’m doing to watch her feed her babies. I’ve felt completely overwhelmed by this scene. It is so beautiful to see God’s perfect creation in action. 

Have you taken the time to notice the world around you? God’s hand is everywhere. Look for it. And praise Him.

Thanks for dropping by, 


Promises I Can Count On

 Promises. We make them all the time. I promise myself I’m going to eat more healthy, then grab a Little Debbie snack cake while I mull it over. We make promises to love and to cherish until death do us part, yet pull a Tazmanian devil on my husband because he left his dirty socks on the floor.

There are promises that we declare out loud, like “I promise I will be there.” Or “I promise I will remember your birthday and I’ll take you out for ice cream.”  Then I feel, there are those unspoken promises that we assume will happen. For example, when our children are born, we promise to love, care and protect them for evermore. I’m sure I said it to my day old child, but he probably doesn’t remember that exact moment. It was a given.

Another example would be when I have a repairman come to my house. Some do promise their best and others don’t, but I always assume, that each one is coming to my house to do his very best. With his great wealth of knowledge and experience, he is going to explore all avenues to find a solution, work diligently and charge me a fair price. (Naive. I know.) But seriously. Don’t you expect that every time you take your car in, visit a doctor or have the plumber looking at your sink? We trust what they say is true. 

Unfortunately for me, I had a couple of repairmen this week that I want to give a piece of my mind to. (And let me tell you, it wouldn’t be pretty.) 

(In fact, I know what would happen, so I begged Superman to call them and give them a piece of his mind. I said to Superman “You do understand the circumstances, right? And why I am so angry? You’re angry right? Are you fired up? Do you need me to help you with some verbiage?” I’ve got it! he said with a chuckle.) 

One issue in our home has been our security system. When we bought this home, the company of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb installed our security system and surround sound. Oh that sounds quite fancy doesn’t it? We assumed we were going to be able to listen to music pumped from our den out to our deck. Not happening. We assumed we could turn on the tv with one remote! Not happening. Needless to say, TD&TD went out of business shortly after we moved in.

Well, in the past few weeks our alarm system has been tweeting out five short dings every minute or so. Of course this would drive any sane person crazy. I got online and figured out it probably needed a new battery. Bought it and installed it. 


ARGHHHHHH! It was like Chinese water torture for me. I called the new security company. Charlie came out and ….guess what?! It NEVER beeped!

UNTIL a week later and it started all over again. Charlie came back investigate and surmised that we just needed a new system. He said that all of the systems that TD&TD had installed have been having problems. After looking around, he gave me a quote of $500.

Charlie shows up yesterday, ripped out my old system and quickly installs the new one. “Hmm”, he says. (You know this isn’t going to be good.) 

“Let me look at something.” Charlie walks around to all the doors and discovers that half of our doors have sensors and the other half are remote. 

 As I look at him with a blank “So?” face, Charlie explains that it is going to cost just a little bit more to order those remote sensors. “They are only…um…um…it’ll be another $200.” 

He kind of chuckles and says “Yea, in fact, I bet that’s where the beeping was coming from. I bet those remote sensors just needed a new battery.” 

I stood there behind the island in my kitchen with my eyes big as saucers thinking “WHAAAT?!? You just ripped out my old system, put in a $500 new one, telling me I need to additionally buy $200 worth of new sensors, when I probably only needed to replace the batteries?!” As I was only thinking these thoughts, and the steam was coming out of my ears, I told him he needed to leave.

I trusted him. I know he made a mistake. And I know he wasn’t trying to snooker me. But I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked. Was I suppose to know half my doors were touch and the other remote sensors? Why didn’t he do a more careful look-see? This is a $700 Whoopsie.

Then, this morning I was teaching the women at Miracle Hill, the homeless mission in town, about God’s promises. I assumed that they have been disappointed many times in their lives by broken promises like we all have. It’s painful and causes insecurity and doubts. The people who make promises to us are just as broken, sinful, messy, cracked humans as we are. And it was in that moment that Charlie was just like me…broken, sinful, messy and cracked.

This is where believing in the One true God brings us grace and forgiveness. 

This is where believing in God and His faithfulness brings us peace. 

When God makes a promise, it will be fulfilled. 

 So Charlie- I forgive you. But I need for you to make this right. 

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