Twice as Nice Continues

Yesterday I told you about The Christmas Craft Fair I did a few weeks ago. I made an incredible $600! This is twice as much as I have made before. Before the show I try to decide who I want to give the proceeds to, but I had two groups in my mind. Thinking I would only make about $250 on a good day, I knew I would have to pick just one organization. Little did I know that God had much bigger things in mind. At the end of the day, I am able to give $300 to P.S. I Love You Ministries AND  $300 Sidewalk Hope!Several years ago, a few church leaders realized that even with a church on almost every corner of our city, Spartanburg was rated one of the top miserable places to live. If the church represents love, hope, restoration, new life, then why such misery? Come Closer came to be. Church leaders, business leaders, prayer intercessors, volunteers, and every day christians came together to love this city back to life. 

People from all denominations, races and backgrounds started tending to the hungry, the widowed, the jobless, the homeless and the children. Every week a bus would drive through the inner city neighborhoods to pick up children to bring them to church. When the Journey Church, who hosted the Wednesday night program, ran out of room for the hundreds of children who would eagerly arrive, Chip Walters had a dream, “What if we could go to the children?” Thus Sidewalk Hope was born. Chip and her volunteers drive to different spiritually neglected housing projects, drop the side of the truck down and set up church. Children pour out of their homes to see Miss Chip and hear the gospel.I had the privilege to participate in Truth and Treat. Volunteers donated hundreds of Halloween buckets and several trunk loads of candy. At each neighborhood the children heard a lesson about what is truth. Then one by one, the children would “visit” a volunteer, (maybe 10 or more stations). Of course, the children were out-of-their-mind excited about getting candy! In fact, once the word got that there was free candy going on, the kids got older and older.But that didn’t matter. It wasn’t the candy they were there for. At each station, the child heard a truth about them. Unfortunately these children don’t hear much truth. They hear lies from everyone around them…they are dumb, ugly, no good. We wanted them to hear what God has to say about them….they are beautiful; they were created so unique that there isn’t anyone in the whole world like them; they have gifts and talents; they are good. They are loved. Each volunteer looked the child in the eye and told that child whatever truth that came to their mind. In the end,  I think I may have gotten more out of it than the children. At first when the child would walk up to me, me being the first they would see, because I had the buckets, many would have a wall of distrust and attitude up. But then when I would put my arm around them, look them in the eye and tell them how amazing they are and how much God loves them, each one would just begin to melt.

So who cares if the child was 5 years old or 16 or even a parent, God had something important to say to them. EditWhen Sidewalk Hope discovered that most of the children had no bed to sleep in, they decided to give each child a pillow pet and a blanket. Over 450 pillows and fleece blankets have been donated. But this, my friends, is what Sidewalk Hope is all about. The mission is to teach God’s unchanging truth and to raise up a new generation that can lead, parent and change this city to life.

Again, I am so happy to give $300 to Sidewalk Hope!


Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, the Sidewalk Hope truck was in an accident. No one was hurt, but the truck was wrecked. $4500 is needed to repair the truck, but we are praying to give this organization a new start with expenses and raise $30,000. Can you help? Send a check to Hope Point / Sidewalk Hope in memo line  P.O. box 170151, Spartanburg, SC 29301. 

Thank you for reading my little blog. Thank you for supporting me!

Twice as Nice

Another craft show under my belt. This was my second year at the St. Matthew’s Christmas Fair. Dagmar, Debbie and I filled 30 feet of tables and a large round table with creative goodies.There were many quality venders in attendance. I was so super excited about this LuLaRoe shop! I was introduced to LuLaRoe by THE sweetest and lovely sister in Christ, Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith, when I was in Italy.  She wore adorable and fun outfits from this company. So yes, I bought a cute green dress to go with some fun, flowery leggings. Pick and Preserve set up shop right beside us. This young couple grows their own fruits and buys from local farmers to make their own delicious jams and jellies. Oh my, the strawberry pepper is oh so yummy! They also have wonderful taste in decorating their table….notice the hoop art in bucket? Hee Hee…it made my heart sing when she held my craft in her hands and squealed with delight. I also made ornaments, dolls, aprons, cosmetic bags and totes.I put my mom to work in helping me bake pumpkin-peanut butter dog biscuits.I cut lumber, painted the blocks and turned them into Nativity blocks. On the back of each block was a little poem and a bible verse about each of the characters in the Nativity story.I’m not quite sure what happened this year, but there were twice as many customers than last year., thus earned us twice as much profits! Which also meant, that I could give to TWICE as many organizations!The first organization I am giving to is one I heard about through church, P.S. I Love You Ministries. There are so many families who attend my church that have adopted or fostered children. This unselfish act of love is no easy task. As a foster family, you may be contacted in the middle of the night to bring into your home a child for which you may not have the proper diapers or clothing for. Maybe you’ve adopted a child whom is showing difficulty because of their previous home. This is where P.S. I Love Steps comes in. They understand that sometimes a child is pulled from an unsafe environment with only the clothes on his back. They provide each foster child in Spartanburg county a pillowcase with the P.S. I Love You logo on it, new pillow, bible, blanket, toy, and a bag filled with age appropriate hygiene items. Each bag cost approximately $60-75. The Care Bags are a way of helping meet some of the needs of the foster family and foster child. Each Foster child is given a pillow case with their name embroidered on it. With so much instability in their little lives, this is theirs for them to keep. No one can take it away from them. It’s that little touch of empathy that translates into love.

Again I am blown away by what one or two people can do when called by God to start something. PS I Love You® Ministries is a faith based not-for-profit organization that desires to demonstrate God’s heart in Psalm 68:5 to be a ‘Father to the Fatherless’. They seek to partner the God-given time, talents and resources of the Christian community at large to serve orphans, both legal and social, and children-at-risk in the United States and throughout the world. They raise awareness of the issues that confront orphans and children-at-risk as well as provide for their needs and for the needs of those that care for them. These needs include but are not limited to physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

 They do this in response to the grace and mercy shown us by God with a desire to share His love to others in tangible ways and through the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I happily write them a check for $300. 

Tomorrow I want to share with you the other organization I am able to give to because of sweet people buying the things I make…Sidewalk Hope.

Thank you for dropping by!