Just Call Me Mimi

IMG_5569For Christmas this year, Superman rented a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina, so all of our peeps could be together. Mary Claire and Tyler came from Charleston and Adam and Elizabeth drove up Christmas afternoon. img_5719I brought along some yarn, crochet needles and a book on how to make stuffed animals. I needed to have something to do with my hands. I figured maybe I could bone up on my skills.

One evening while sitting around the fire, Mary Claire and Tyler pull out a gift bag and handing to Superman said “This is for your birthday (which is January 19) since we won’t be able to see you.” Superman pulls out a bunch of tissue paper and a picture frame. He immediately puts it to his chest and says “Oh Wow.” Now, I’m over there crocheting away and Mary Claire says “Mom! Pay attention!”IMG_5568

With a tears in his eyes, Superman turns the frame around and shows us THIS!!! 


IMG_0459MC and Tyler had special little gifts for each of us. Nanny (Superman’s mom) and I got a cute children’s book and Superman received a personalized onesie. The new parents said they were thinking I would be Mimi, kinda, sorta the same as Mary. And jokingly said Superman could be Pipi. You know Mimi and Pipi…….Everyone is dying of laughter, except maybe Superman. Ok, ok…so maybe Pipi isn’t his first choice of names, but we all know that whatever this little punkin wants to call him he’ll be just fine with.IMG_5576I really don’t think I’m old enough to be a grandmother… didn’t I just have her?…but she is perfectly ready to start a family.IMG_5581She’s in perfect health, yet here in her first trimester, as you can see, she’s a little green with nausea. Now, as of today, already in her second trimester she is feeling great!!!IMG_5570Within minutes after all the hugs and congratulations, Superman was texting his besties about the big news. Mary Claire fussed “DAD!!!! Don’t tell anyone! We are keeping this a secret until my next doctor’s visit.” Oops. We promised that we wouldn’t say a thing. (See? Here it is February before I’m telling the world about this wonderful news! Boy, I’m good…weelll…)

About 2:00 in the morning of the evening we found out, I got a bad case of heartburn. I got up, dropped a few Alka Seltzer tablets into a glass of water and started scrolling through Pinterest. Of course, I was looking at all the wonderful baby things I could make. I even made a new baby board to pin all the fun ideas to. The next morning, I got a text from my sister, who asked how everything was going and if I had anything new to share. (I’m thinking to myself, “My lips are sealed. I am not going to spill the beans until Mary Claire says I can. I can keep a secret.”) I told my sister that we were having a wonderful time! She replied that she was on Pinterest that morning and saw a new board I had made. YIKES! At 2:00 in the morning I forgot to make that board a “secret board”.IMG_5572

Then a few weeks ago, before we got the green light to share, Superman and I were having dinner with some friends. (These fine folks above are our peeps, our familia, our loves, not who we were having dinner with in this little ditty I’m sharing….) Anyway… Superman started telling our friends at dinner about his conversation with Tyler, the soon-to-be-new-dad. “Yeah, I told Tyler, who is now a practicing vegan, that when this little whippersnapper comes to visit Poppy, I’m going to give him a hot dog.” Superman’s eyes got big. He looked at me and said “Do they know?” They do now! I immediately spread my arms out wide and proclaimed that everyone was on notice, that it was Superman and NOT ME who spilled the beans.

Ok. Let’s get honest. I may have told 1 or 2 or 10 people about becoming Mimi. I couldn’t help it! I am so excited!IMG_0510Look!!! I’ve already picked out some A-Dor-Able fabric for the quilt! Mary Claire talked about how she kind of envisions a pond theme with ducks, frogs and lily pads for the baby’s room. Right now, they don’t want to find out the sex of the baby, so the colors need to be gender neutral.IMG_0513I mean Come On! This is so perfect! Ducks! Turtles! Cheese and Crackers! Pigs, puppies and rabbits on roller skates!!! 937aeed9f587c2b011aea4a3451cffa4Momma requested a polka dot quilt. I found this lovely one on a Craftsy Pinterest Board , pattern by Holly at Bijou Lovely.  I think all of those sweet and playful animals will make an adorable quilt for my first grandbaby. What do you think?

I don’t know. Maybe I had a premonition about becoming a grandma, when I brought that crochet book about making sweet stuffed animals to the mountains. Who knows.

The one thing I am sure of, is that this is going to be an exciting new adventure for all of us. I can only thank God for His many blessings…so far excellent health for momma and baby…Mimi and Poppy’s health to be able to keep up with the punkin, we are only 3 hours away, which means if Mary Claire calls us in the morning to babysit that night, we can be there before noon!

Seriously though. I believe with every cell of my body that each and every one of us are God’s creation. With all the fighting, cancer, drugs, and natural disasters, don’t we all need to see and feel the joy of expectant birth? When I’m having a sad moment or feeling like throwing in the towel, I think about this little ray of sunshine and I have hope.

Thinking about being a grandma, being called Mimi, holding that bundle of joy…this makes me happy.

I really appreciate you being here and reading this blog. I’ve got some great things to share with you. I hope you’ll come back. Remember we’re here just sharing the joy in this ordinary, imperfect world.


There is NO Giggling in the Tree Stand

img_5117It was a normal Saturday at the farm. Superman got up early, early with Adam to go deer hunting. Without even a glimpse of the famed 10 pointer, he was seeing on his motion camera set up in the woods, Superman got busy cutting stuff down around the farm. As is usual, he about killed himself on that tractor. He thinks he’s invincible. He tells me later how he almost bit the dust as he was trying to move some huge log out of the way and cutting branches at the same time. A branch hits the mechanism that lifts and lowers the bucket, which this great big log is resting. The bucket starts rising up, up and up, the log rolls down onto the tractor toward him! He yells “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!!!” Dang.img_4608Meanwhile, I’m at home, happily in my craft room, totally oblivious of the potential widow maker happening at the farm…thank goodness. Anyway, later that afternoon, I planned on going down there to visit my girls when the temperatures warmed up. Bees like you checking on them when the weather is pleasant, not chilly and rainy. I showed up, did my inspection of the hives and planned on going back home.IMG_5122.jpgBut Mr. Mr. suggested something different. Why don’t I sit in the deer stand with him? Well, I really wasn’t dressed properly. I had on a bright blue t-shirt and purple shoes.IMG_5125.jpgHe handed me a camouflaged jacket and hat. I worried “What about my shoes? I don’t think deer like purple.” He said “Here, carry this camo fabric. I need to make a skirt for the stand. It will cover your shoes.” Make a skirt?!? That sounds we’re going to be crafting! I’m in!IMG_5127.jpgFYI…you have to get into the stand waayyy before the deer start their carousing around. OK. So we are at the barn, the tractor just minutes ago was roaring, lawn mowers at the neighbors are going, dogs are barking, roosters are crowing but Superman turns to me and whispers “Stick close to me and be very very quiet.” Seriously? We have to be quiet?IMG_5128.jpgWe quietly walk through the pasture. Well sorta. It was like walking through a room with the floor covered in bubble wrap. The grass had been cut in the past week, so the ground was dry and crackly. Every step was crunch, crunch, crunch. It reminded me of coming home late as a teenager and trying so hard not to wake the parents, but hitting that squeaky step. ugh.

So we got to the tree stand that Adam’s friend had reportedly seen some deer from that morning. Superman gave me the hand up signal to stop. Then the two fingers to his eyes to tell me to watch him. (I am trying so hard not to laugh.) When the coast is clear, he signals for me to come.IMG_5129Yeah, it’s pretty high up there.IMG_5132But the view is worth it. It is hard to tell by looking at this picture, but we are high up.IMG_5142Much to my disappointment, there wasn’t much crafting going on up here. We zip tied the skirt to the stand. Of course, when it was my turn to zippity do dah, although I was pulling slowly, I got the look  from Superman for zipping too loudly. (Puhleez)IMG_5138The skirt is up and Yup my shoes are hidden, because these purple shoes would definitely keep a deer from showing up.IMG_5139Ok. So we are all ready to go, right? Nope. Now we gotta spray doe estrous all over the place. I guess its like Magic Potion #9 for bucks. I hear they go crazy when they smell the stuff. (hee hee) Forget that we are suppose to be very very quiet, this guy beside me is rummaging through his backpack, zipping and unzipping, pulling out noisy water bottles hats on, hats off, gloves on, gloves off. Then I get a wad of mucus lodged in my throat and I ever so quietly try to cough it up and I get the look.IMG_5145OOPS! Someone dropped his hat.IMG_5140This is really serious business. I’m given the “two fingers to the eyes” signal with a thumb pointing behind us, meaning I’m in charge of keeping my eyes sharp to any movement in the rear. ( I really want to throw a salute, but I don’t. I just turn in my padded seat and check things out out back.) I hear leaves crunching, I look closer and see it is only a squirrel. I got kinda excited there.IMG_5210I know, I know, I’m suppose to be quiet. As I try to settle in to enjoy this moment in nature, the lawn mowers are still going, dogs are barking, roosters are crowing, mommas are fussing at their kids, the Harley roars by on the road, and someone on the neighboring farm shoots off his gun. But I am suppose to be very very quiet. I think this is kinda funny. I whisper to Superman my silly thought, but he doesn’t think I’m very funny. Which in turn makes me giggle. But there is NO GIGGLING in the tree stand.IMG_5135I think we’re all settled in, each with our appointed duties, now it is time to wait.IMG_5132And wait.IMG_5215and wait. It’s getting dark now, surely the big guy is going to come out of his hidey hole. The sun has gone down. “Um, so how much longer do we wait?”IMG_5219Superman shows me five fingers. He pulls out his green light, which is kinda cool. We can see the wildlife, but they can’t see us. He tells me later that after the sun goes down his binoculars give him about 15 minutes of light. Then the green light helps light up the area unseen to the critters.

In the end, we saw n.o.t.h.i.n.g. I know from watching my guys all these years, there is a science to all this hunting. The camouflage clothes must be washed in no-scent detergent and stored in containers with earth wafers. (These are little discs that smell like dirt.) It is a definite test in endurance and patience. There is importance in which gun you use and which stand you sit in.IMG_5223Ok I admit, I’m not a hunter, but I did enjoy being out there just listening to the sounds of crickets, birds and leaves falling. The warm air turned cool as the sun set, bringing fresh air to my lungs. I appreciated the opportunity to just sit, watch and listen. On one hand I’m glad the big guy didn’t show up, but on the other, I am a little disappointed to not see a doe. (Superman will only shoot an 8 point or above.) I’m not sure, but my purple shoes, small hacks dislodging phlegm, little fits of giggling, and 219 flashes off my camera MAY have scared off the deer. Maybe. I don’t really care. IMG_5224Because most importantly, I appreciate the fact that my guy wanted me to sit in the stand with him.

ANNNND…he took me to the Lighthouse Fish Camp in Pacolet, SC! Fish camps will have to be another day. Let’s just say they are a historical fact here in the Upstate.

Thank you so much for dropping by!