My Ninja Smoothie

I like my chips and cookies just as much as the next gal, but they don’t look so good on my thighs and bootay. I’m not so good at eating my daily fruits and veggies either. And they say that taking a multi-vitamin just doesn’t cut it. (Now I’m not sure who “they” are, but they sound very official.) I have a feeling there are many of you like me.

So I’m trying to add one nutritious meal or snack a day with a smoothie. I like the idea of smoothing more than juicing, because you don’t end up with a lot of waste. I’m sure there’s some amazingly delicious dish I could make with all the left over pulp, but I just can’t add one more step to this healthy thing I’m trying to do.

I don’t have a fancy machine, just my Ninja blender. As you can see it comes with two different sized containers and blade units, but the motor-top fits both. Because of the multiple blades going up the shaft, it chops and blends the ingredients easily. Unlike the average blender with one blade, you don’t have to scrape the food down to get it mixed. (How many wooden spoons have you chopped up by sticking it down there while the blender was on?)


I like to put in the fluffy green stuff in first, spinach or kale. Look at that beautiful red beet! Doesn’t it look like you could just bite into it, with its sweet juices dripping down your chin? AGH! Don’t do it! They are very nutritious, but awful tasting raw. I added about a half a chopped beet, frozen berries, vanilla yogurt, a scoop of powdered whey protein, a sprinkle of Chia seeds and a bit of water to make the consistency more drinkable instead of spoon-able.

Isn’t that pretty? I think pretty is so much easier to drink. It kind of makes me feel happy! So drink up!…..yuck! Ok. So, it needs a little something to cut down on that just out of dirt taste….a banana. That did it.

Delicious. After a workout or tennis match, this would be a great alternative to my usual handful of cookies. Just a small step to a healthier me.
Do you have any good smoothie recipes?

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