Who’s That Girl?

Spent a sweet Saturday at my Mom’s with my sister and daughter. We did a little crafting, reminiscing, and lots of laughing. Being the last of six kids there weren’t a whole lotta photos of this old gal, especially if you compare it with today’s standards of every moment being captured on film. But with the pictures I do have, it was fun to share with my girl.

After looking at several photos taken back in the 70’s, my daughter, Mary Claire, asked if we were ever questioned about our clothing choices. For example did anyone ever say “that really doesn’t look so great”? Haha, no, Honey, that was just the style.

Here’s a few oldies and some goodies.

Can the glasses be any bigger? Geez they take up my whole face!

I’m thinking I’m pretty cute here. I like seeing my freckles.

Why don’t kids dress up for birthday parties any more? It was an innocent time.

I still sweat profusely, like I did when I was a rabbit for Halloween. My sister’s Raggedy Andy outfit was handed down to me, which I wore for several years.

Band Camp! Oh my goodness! Having never gone to an overnight summer camp as a kid, this was so exciting to be staying in a college dorm a few states away!

“Scotty, Can you beam me up!?”

Oh, those college days….a Citadel Senior Party….love my sporty Converse high tops. (Again, I am drenched in sweat.) No, no one got naked with the men from N. And Yes, I married that hunka hunk I am dancing with.

Can you say poodle perm?

I think I’ll stop here on a sweet picture. This was when I was just a little nipper.

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