The Valentine’s Day Hoax, part 2

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends! So is it all you wanted it to be? I was just in Target and all of the hearts, cards and candy are on clearance now. The day isn’t over, yet the love fest is on sale.

Aren’t we like that too? As a wife to Superman for 25 years, I still remember the days of dating, long conversations and practicing writing my name as Mrs. Then once we got married, we sometimes push that romance aside and put our lives on the clearance shelf. We don’t do it on purpose, it just happens slowly. Then February 24th comes around and we hope that makes up for our thoughtlessness.

My sweet husband brought these beautiful roses home to me.

Superman made a special breakfast for us this morning.

He spends hours researching ideas and activities for our family vacations. He encourages me to live without fear and pushes me to do things I’d never imagine doing. We’ve climbed tall mountains, hiked through rivers and snow and even swam with sharks. With his gentle coaching, I can now call myself a runner, (technically, maybe just a jogger).

So what did I do for him? How do you let someone know how much you love and appreciate him? This morning as he was at the stove cooking, I felt about 2 inches tall. The house was a mess and I had not bought the first thing for him. Martha! Pinterest! I am a failure!

Or maybe I’m not.

I remembered how much God loves me, warts and all. I know how much Superman loves me with my bad housekeeping skills, grey roots and ding-dong moments. He isn’t God, but he treats like an angel. Since he is the man with everything, I decided to make him a small book to tell him how much I appreciate and love him.

Will he like it? I don’t know. This is kind of a girly thing, but it is what I need for him to know.


I had better go and finish the book. My hope is that we won’t wait until next year to express our love.

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