Brayden, God’s Little Angel

This is Brayden. In his 2year old life, he’s had 37 operations with 10 more at least planned in the future. As you can see he has a trache tube to help him breathe.

I met Brayden at the homeless shelter, where I volunteer twice a week. He and his mom moved from NY state to try to start a new life. They have no family or friends here, just the two of them.

Brayden and I play together while his mom and the other ladies have bible study. The doctors told his mom that he wouldn’t live, walk or learn. Well, he’s shown the doctors wrong. He runs and plays like any other little boy. I think he’s smarter than most children his age doing puzzles, stacking cups, and building with Legos. And his greatest gift is just making everyone around him smile.

This is one of his first days in the hospital, looking pretty good and being a wiggly 2year old,(thus why the picture is blurry. He was “cutting” his, his mom’s, the teddy bear’s, and my hair with the oxygen moniter).
Unfortunately, he developed pneumonia and an infection around his trache tube which landed him in the hospital. He has been there for two and a half weeks. Things have gone down hill. This past Monday the surgeon operated on his trachea in hopes of repairing it so Brayden could breathe unassisted. The doctor decided it was beyond his capabilities and Brayden needed to be transferred down to the medical university. While the doctor was there, the baby had a feeding tube put in to give him the nutrition he needs. Sadly, though, he has vomited everything back up. Nothing will stay down. This is putting off the transfer.

With a feeding tube, vomiting, trache tube, iv’s, all the poking and prodding done every 4 hours, this baby still has a smile and a kiss for you.

God has great plans for this little boy. Please pray with me for Brayden and his mom, Nina. She hasn’t left his side. She’s scared, tired, frustrated and loves her little funny monkey so much.

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