Daisy Goes to Camp

This is Daisy. She is 14 and a half years old. She’s a sweet, sweet girl.

She spends most of her days like this, snuggled up on a warm bed, like any respectable old gal should be able to do.

Then sometimes she’ll get a bee in her bonnet and start talking to her buddy, Cappy, next door.

“Woo woo woo.”

In her elder state, she hasn’t been able to hear her dog collar beep when she gets near the invisible fence line. I guess the “shock” it gives isn’t enough to stop her from wandering right out of the yard. Because her sight and hearing have declined, she wouldn’t be able to see or hear a car coming to get out of the way. Some kind strangers have found her several streets away.

We tried putting her in the garage. But as you can see, she figured out how to move the cooler, unlock the the doggie door and escape.

So, since we were going out of town for the weekend, Daisy would have to go to camp.
“Who me?”
“Yes, you.”

Her suite included a warm bed, inside controlled temperatures and playtime. She even had a “vacation report” when we picked her up on Sunday. She was described during camp activity as being a wallflower, which meant she mostly just took in her environment. She socialized with a few new friends, Callie, Bella, Fizz, Foxx, Remy and Lucy. Her activities included being loved on by the staff and relaxing with her friends, probably with a hot cup of coffee and a dog biscuit.

The report described Daisy’s suite activity as a family traveler, you know, just making herself at home. At home she will spin around and around about six times before lying down.

I am relieved that she felt comfortable at camp while we were away, because she’s going to have to back this weekend.

“Ok. But let me have some sleep until then.”

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