He’s Got it All Under Control

I shared the other day about my little buddy Brayden and his mom, Nina. I met them at the homeless shelter. I’ve become quite attached to them. Brayden has been in the hospital for 3 weeks now due to many complications in his little body. Knowing that they didn’t have any friends or family in the area, I took it upon myself to visit often and try to take care of some of their needs.

One day last week I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and started to worry about my relationship with these two. I wanted to be sure that what I was doing was healthy and wanted. Were my visits helpful or intruding? Was I loving on them because I truly love them or because I wanted myself to look good? What was my heart intent? How do I “be” everything to them when I can barely be everything to my own family?

I had to ask for prayer and clarity. So I texted my prayer partner before I left for the hospital. I prayed the entire 30 minutes of the drive.

I entered the room with Brayden shouting out my name, “Mary!” When I went to his bed he grabbed my hand and began kissing it. (Hmmm…Is that you God?)

Nina handed me this card.

Even sweet Brayden signed it.

Inside was heartfelt gratitude for what I have done for them.

20130225-170802.jpg(I’m listening, God.)

God had one more thing to tell me. The plan at the time was that Brayden was going to be transferred down to Charleston’s Medical University for surgery. I asked Nina if there was anything I could do for her. Her clothes were in garbage bags. Could I bring her a suitcase or two? She replied yes and began sorting through their things. She showed me all of the things a sweet lady from the mission had bought her: socks, panties, shirts, pants, and shoes. Another woman from the church brought lots of food and snacks.

Clearly God was showing me that He is in total control. I did not have to worry about trying to play God when He is perfectly capable.

Every one of my concerns were answered within an hour of my prayers…
Visiting and loving on Brayden and Nina is welcomed and appreciated.
God knew that one person could not be everything to them, so He provided a team of angels to look after them.

Lesson learned: Pray. Obey. And let God be God.

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