Three gifts in the Kitchen

Today’s three blessings from the Joy Dare Challenge are 3 Gifts in the Kitchen.

183. My cutting knife. This knife fits my hand with its size and weight. I use it every day.

184. My kitchen table. This was the first piece of furniture Superman and I bought as a married couple. It isn’t the prettiest, but its knicks and scratches hold so many memories. The five of us have sat around this table praying, eating and sharing our stories of the day. My children learned to write, play with play dough, practice algebra and talk about life around this table. I’ll never get rid of this piece of furniture.

185. Finally, I am blessed with a long island in my kitchen. We have served great crowds of people. Laughter, conversations and memories have be made around this island. My kitchen has held 40 or so people at a time, gathering to bless one another with the love that God has put inside us.

What are you three gifts from the kitchen? Please share in the comments below!

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