My Favorite: Cleaning tools

It’s Monday. The day I try to do my housecleaning. Key word is try. I don’t enjoy it at all. I know there are people out there that are actually good at it and enjoy it. Not me.

Mondays are also tennis clinic day. I would usually come home feeling refreshed and energized from some time hitting tennis balls, ready to clean. Today I went to clinic then decided to hit some more with friends. Two and a half hours later, the temperature dropped considerably and every joint in this old body was screaming STOP!

Because of my dislike of cleaning, I have to find products and tips to make it easier for me. Since it doesn’t look like I’ll be using any of these things today, I thought I’d share with you.

Pretty exciting huh? Let me tell you, I have gone through lots of vacuums, so I consider myself an expert. You’ve got your bag-less ones: which I understand will save the planet from more bags being put in the landfill. But I felt like I had to do more cleaning, because of all the dust and dirt that comes flying out when I empty the container. I really don’t need any more work than necessary. I do have a bag-less vacuum that I use. The container comes off to become a handheld vacuum, which is great for stairs and getting in tight spaces. In addition to the emptying of the container mess, it is so heavy.
So here is my choice in vacuums. I really, really like my Oreck. It can go from rugs to hardwood in a click and it is so lightweight I can do the stairs. Good-bye pet fur!

Speaking of pets….they can be messy. If stuff isn’t coming out one end, its coming out the other. I find that if I get to the issue quickly enough all is well. Now with this Carbona 2-in-1, if the accident is there overnight, it still gets the stain out! Like when when my dog was taking an antibiotic it made her stomach upset….yeah, I’ll spare you the details. Trust me. This stuff works.

Good-bye coffee stains in the sink, mold in the tub and grody stuff around the toilet.

What is more frustrating than to clean a window or mirror to only end up with streaks? Ugh! I hate that! I’ve heard about using newspaper and vinegar, but I didn’t like getting ink on my hands. Dumb I know. I just couldn’t get the hang of it. I lurrrve this stuff. It leaves no streaks!

I have a lab mix pound dog. She has a strong waggy tail. For many years she would be so happy that she would damage the tip of her tail, which would make it bleed. She wasn’t hurt and just kept on wagging, spraying blood all over the walls, cabinets and anything else in her way. It would look like a crime scene. Gross, I know. But the Magic Eraser to the rescue! Muddy hand prints, greasy food drips, and bloody walls clean up in a jiffy!

Besides getting a full time maid, this seems to be the plan I’ve got. I am always up for suggestions. What are you favorite cleaning products or tips? I need help. Please help a girl in need!

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