Encouragement for 49 cents

Twenty-seven years ago, Superman and I would write long letters to each other while he was doing his six month army training. I remember my heart racing when I would see one of his letters in the mailbox. I think I’ve kept almost all of them all these years.

Today, when my college aged daughter comes to mind, I send her a quick text or photo from my phone. If I want to see what family and friends are up to, I’ll check out Facebook. I’m not on Twitter or Instagram because I don’t understand all the #hashtag stuff. (I’m pretty simple minded.) Today communication is quick, almost instantaneous. I bet each of us has been frustrated when our message doesn’t go through in 2.7 seconds. I know I have.

Don’t get me wrong, I am completely amazed at the advances in communication. It blows my mind thinking of where we have come in the computer age in just the last ten years. How do complete books appear on my iPad with just a click? How does this iPad know what to do when I touch the screen? How?!? Someone puleeze explain it to me! On second thought, don’t worry about it. I can’t get the hashtag thing, no way will I understand the whole interspace, sonar, gigabytes, computer inter workings!

Anyway….as much as I appreciate today’s social networking, I want to connect with my family and friends in a more intimate way. I am an encourager. I always wanted to be a cheerleader, shaking those pom-poms. But since I was too spastic to be on the football field or basketball court, I’m a cheerleader in life.

This package of cards arrived today from Day Spring Cards. I have decided that I want to send cards of encouragement to three random people a week. I wish I could include birthdays, but honestly, I forget. The monthly selection from Day Spring can be bought or not. Nothing is sent unless you buy it. The people I decide to send a card to, are people who have come to mind that I think need a big thank you, need encouragement or I just need for them to know how much they mean to me.

Of course being crafty, I like to make cards too. I’m working on this skill.

I’m just thinking that receiving a card in the mail, whether it is store bought or handmade has got to bring a smile on your face! I hope that for that moment I’ve made a difference in my friend’s life. I hope that by celebrating the good, sympathizing in the sad and sharing the love, I’ve been a little Christ-like in someone’s life. I wish I could let everyone know how much they are loved and how special they are.

Maybe I can with just one card at a time. How do you encourage others? Let me know in the comment area, I’d love to hear your ideas!

6 thoughts on “Encouragement for 49 cents

  1. YOU are TOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!! I got my card today!! What a sweet blessing you are! I love you! When can we play?? love , me!

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