Little Surprises

Today started out like any other Tuesday morning…5:30am Boot Camp at the gym, cereal and coffee for breakfast, and taught a parenting class at the homeless shelter. Kind of boring, but normal for me.

Later in the morning, I had an appointment to see the dermatologist about this crusty-itchy-burning-yuk around my eyelids. (Like the description? Yes, it was lovely.) Because of the medical degree I earned while visiting Web-MD, I had fully diagnosed myself with having eczema or psoriasis. I went to the store and bought this stinky, burning gel, made with coal tar to put on my afflicted eyelids. It worked ok, but months now later, it still isn’t cleared up. I am also a bit concerned about getting the gel in my eye. I find seeing as a good thing.

I had a nice little surprise in the examinations room. The nurse came in and said “Here’s your gown. You know to take everything off but your panties and bra, and the gown opens in the back.” Huh? Get undressed? The scum is on my eyelids. I think I can keep my clothes on. Well….I guess it had been a few years since my last skin cancer check. And being fair skinned with freckles, family history of cancer and having a few suspicious spots removed from me, it was a good idea to be checked. I just kind of wished I had known. I would have shaved my legs and slathered on lotion. Good thing I had on clean underwear!

If having some spots removed wasn’t encouragement enough to be checked yearly and use sunscreen, I only needed to look around. Have you ever been inside a dermatologist office? This is what they put up for decorations…

20130319-132132.jpgPretty, huh?

20130319-132157.jpgCan you say sunscreen?
Anyway, the real medical school approved doctor came in and checked me all over (and I mean, everywhere!) He diagnosed my skin condition as NOT being eczema/psoriasis but some sort of fungal thing. Of course I was using the wrong ointment the whole time.

The second thing I was surprised about today was the overwhelming beauty of today! Yesterday was cold with thunderstorms. Today looks like this-

20130319-135538.jpg 60 degrees and sunny

20130319-135615.jpg Blue sky and tulip tree budding

20130319-135649.jpgForsythia a bloomin’

20130319-135730.jpgCrocus pushing through the mulch

I love springtime in the south!

4 thoughts on “Little Surprises

  1. That was awesome….is this what you are doing every day????? You are a great writer….so funnyand real…..totally enjoyed!!!!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my random thoughts. Do I do this every day? No, right now about 3 or 4 times a week. I enjoy the writing.

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