Love this Mag, part 1

I am so excited! I am planning on where I will sit, (inside or outside?) The blanket I’ll use to snuggle up in. And what will be my beverage of choice? (A hot cup of tea or coffee? A glass of wine?). My two favorite magazines have arrived in the mail.

These two are not to be read nilly-willy, on the run or with a quick flip of the pages. Oh no. They are to be slowly devoured page by page, soaking in the photographs, admiring the beautiful pictures. Time needs to be taken to actually read the articles. Yup! They have articles that are masterfully written and are longer than the one paragraph insights of most magazines.

The first of my favorites is Life:Beautiful.

It is a family run magazine with Mom, Dad, daughters, son-in-laws and children contributing to the final product. It is published quarterly, which makes it even more special when it comes in the mail. You won’t find how to’s for your sex life, celebrity updates, the newest fads or -get this- Advertisements! How do they do it without? I have no idea, but I like it!

Each issue has recipes, decorating, crafts, monthly calendars for reading scripture and columns for your health, money and marriage. Each article is thoughtfully written to glorify God. I don’t find it preachy, but more showing this beautiful life that God has created. I finish reading with a renewed sense of peace. You won’t want to throw this magazine away!




I want every woman to have this magazine in their hands. Since I can’t possibly give one to every woman, I will give a one year subscription to a random chosen reader. Just leave a message in the comment section and you will be put in the drawing!

12 thoughts on “Love this Mag, part 1

  1. Never, never get on Facebook but did today. What a true blessing you are, Mary! Everything about you is beautiful. Now I can’t wait to get a copy of this magazine. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. We love you!

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