Hello! Good-bye?

I think one of the greatest blessings a person can have is friendship. Especially for women, where we have this innate need to talk, laugh and share. God created man to have relationships. He didn’t want us to live in isolation, but share his love for the life He made and be happy in it together.

Well, this past January, when the spring tennis season was getting started, I became friends with Kiki. She had been around the courts, but we had never really played together until this season. Just one look at her and you can see her beauty on the outside. Of course, my insecure self was almost afraid to get near because she was so pretty. She wears these cute, ruffley, short tennis skirts, which I could never do because of my cottage cheese thighs. I just knew she would never have anything to do with me. (HELLO, Can you say middle school? Grow up Mary! Am I the only one with these thoughts?)

20130408-090202.jpg See super cute girl! (Sorry about the quality of the photo. I was having to use my camera phone.)

Anyway…despite my immature misgivings, we did become friends. She’s not only beautiful on the outside but radiates from the inside. We enjoyed playing tennis together, and even had a girl’s night out. I admire that she can be so strong and powerful on the court and still be so girly. Then BAM she is moving to Las Vegas in two weeks! What?!?

I knew I wanted to send her off with a memory book. A week before her move we had a special round robin of tennis and a gathering of friends in honor of Kiki.

20130408-091814.jpgI began with this chip board kit that I found in the dollar bin at Michaels.

20130408-091931.jpgCovered both sides of the pages with coordinating papers. Using an Exacto knife, I cut carefully around the edges.

20130408-092147.jpgA trick I found was using a nail file to get the edges nice and clean.

20130408-092249.jpgWith each side, I punched the hole in the paper. Waiting until both sides were covered, I wouldn’t be able to tell where the hole was.

20130408-092413.jpgKiki loves owls, so I made an owl for the front cover.

20130408-092527.jpgI didn’t like the way he didn’t stand out, so I outlined him. Still doesn’t look right…

20130408-092614.jpgOoooo….I just got these babies in the mail from My Craft Channel. (I will tell you about this fabulous place at another time, but please go and check it out!) These are chalk inks.

20130408-092831.jpg I chose the brown color to distress each of the pages. I really like these inks. Using just a light touch, I changed the whole look of the papers.

20130408-093024.jpgSo much better!

20130408-093047.jpgOf course added pictures to each page.

20130408-093137.jpgAdded decorative tags.

20130408-093222.jpgBecause I had more photos than the kit allowed, I added my own pages with paper.

20130408-093346.jpgSince the additional paper pages were of a different thickness, I attached a circle to the side, which matched the scallop edge.

20130408-093502.jpgFinished it off with ribbons tied to the ring! I love the way it turned out!

One minute I am saying hello to a new friendship, the next I’m saying good-bye. Although sad to see her leave and sorry I didn’t know her well, but I am thankful for those few months of laughing, playing tennis and sharing the joy of life in those moments.

Have you ever had a friend move? How did you feel? What are some ways you let that person know that you cared?

I’d love to know your thoughts, please leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Hello! Good-bye?

  1. Beautiful!! I still cherish the book you made for me nine years ago! You are such a thoughtful and loving person! I still cherish dearly our friendship and know it will last a lifetime! XO Cynthia

  2. Oh Cynthia! Amazing how even though there are hundreds of miles between us,I know we would pick up right where we left off years ago. I love you Sweet Friend!

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