Aliens or Crop Circle?

20130410-161954.jpgIs it a crop circle or have aliens landed?
Neighbors have stopped me to ask what the deal is with my front yard. We live in a neighborhood that has covenants and high standards. You get notices when your mailbox is held together with bungie cords. (Not that I would ever do such a thing…except if it were to be knocked down for the 862nd time and I would be sick and tired of paying for the new and approved mailbox… But I wouldn’t know anything about that kind of bungie cord-duck tape-tacky fix it job, because I always follow the rules.)

The yard guys hopped out of their truck and just shook their heads. I’m sure thinking “Oh brother, here’s this crazy yard again!” On a side note, I have the best yard guys ever! One time I was having bible study and they showed up to a driveway and street full of cars. They immediately drove on and called the owner. They asked if we had a death in the family because of the number of cars. They didn’t want to bother us with the noise from the lawn mower and trimmers. Sooo sweet! Luckily the owner knows me and explained that I was probably just having a girly luncheon or something. Anyway…my yard guys are great for putting up with some of my foolishness and Tom-fullery.

So on this spring day, I stand on my front stoop and see this image in my lawn. What is it?

20130410-164338.jpgBocci Ball! It’s family! It’s love and fun! Living here in the south we don’t have many official bocci ball courts, so we don’t have a clue to what they look like.

20130410-164539.jpgBut in this family it doesn’t matter. For the past six years my family has gathered here for Thanksgiving. Superman drags out the push mower and sets to work setting the boundaries for the bocci ball tournament.

20130410-164647.jpgTeams are formed. This is Team M&M! (Me and Mike…oh Yea!) Everyone’s name is thrown into the hat for a small monetary amount, no matter what your age, 6 or 83.

20130410-165828.jpgEveryone has their own style.

20130410-165936.jpgAnd believe me, measurements are taken and every point is counted. There’s big money to be had for the winners.

20130410-170146.jpgSometimes some jokers like to show up! Daughter brought home some college exchange students from Ghana. Bless their hearts! I wonder what was going through their minds.

20130410-170359.jpgYes, we have even had to turn on the stadium lights to finish the championship round.

20130410-170448.jpgSo this is what I see today in April. The grass is growing in nice and green in the bocci ball court on my front lawn. No balls have rolled since last November. My yard looks a little bit different than my neighbors, But the sweet memories are so special that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’re coming up on summertime, does your family have any special time planned to get together? Do you play any games? Is there any kind of competition? Guys vs the gals? I always love hearing some new ideas! Share in the comments below.

Thanks for dropping by!

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