Three Gifts Opened up

Today’s Joy Dare is to name three gifts opened up.

20130410-093107.jpg212. Buds Blooming
I have such a spirit of anticipation this time of year. It has been cold and a bit grey outside. I look forward to the little shoots of green fighting their way through the mulch and the tiny buds waiting to unfurl their petals in the sunshine. This is my tulip tree in my from yard. It makes me happy.

20130410-093433.jpg 213. An Open Door
This blue door isn’t the most fancy and it doesn’t open to the cleanest house, but it does open to a family comfortable home. Hopefully it says “Come on in! Sit down. Put your feet up. Have a glass of sweet iced tea. Feel free to share, laugh and cry. You are welcome here!”

20130410-094036.jpg214. Open Arms
Six of us from church went to help put in water wells and share the love of Christ in Sierra Leone with the organization Water of Life. The villagers welcomed us with open arms! Not only is the color of our skin drastically different, but there is the language, culture and for some, religion. There was curiosity and maybe even some fear at first, with us walking in their villages. Within minutes, the barriers were torn down by the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ love enveloped everyone there. Momma’s allowed us to hold their sweet babies and play with their children. Skeptical elders smiled and hugs were exchanged. Arms were open wide!

This Joy Dare is a challenge to see God’s blessings in our everyday life. Keep a journal and record the big and the small things in your life that stir your heart. Those things you recognize as God saying “I love you.”

What 3 things opened up do you have as blessings today? Please share with me in the comment section below. Your gifts will help remind me too!

4 thoughts on “Three Gifts Opened up

  1. I saw where a friend had posted your blog on FB. I have enjoyed reading it and have decided to take the JOY DARE. It’s been a hard year and a half due to some complications from my high school daughter’s brain surgery. I have seen GOD show up in ways that are undeniable and only a GOD THING. I have learned to look at life in a different way to say the least. I am without a doubt able to say I am thankful for all I have learned on this most difficult journey, and working on being thankful for having been put in this place. Looking forward to reading more. Kim

    • Kim, thank you for taking the time to read my silly blog. Our God is so much bigger than anything we can imagine. He loves you so much. I pray your daughter is recovering well. I pray you are recovering too. Please let me know how things are going. Mary

  2. Today I opened up my e-mail and was blessed by fond memories of almost winning the big Bocci ball pot. Reminded to go outside and enjoy the beauty of spring. Possibilities seem to just open up in the springtime.
    Cracked open my car window (lots of pollen) to find out when the filming crew will begin filming right down the street in my neighborhood. Of all places. Robin Williams and some lady from “Parenthood” are filming a night scene for their upcoming Christmas movie. So now off to join the neighbors to sit and gawk. Who knows what may open up next?

    • What-the-what?!? Old Dee court is gettin famous? I’m sure two Brown boys could make the filming exciting! I miss you and your family. Thanks for reading my blog. Love you!

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