A Battle is Going On

Here below the Mason-Dixon Line a battle is raging. The news outlets are reporting with charts and statistics. There are only certain times of the day to be outside. Keep your windows shut!

It’s a scourge! A pestilence! I’m sure it was one of the plagues that God put on this earth.

20130415-083853.jpgPOLLEN! This innocent yellow powder covers everything! Go ahead and wash your car. Pollen laughs at this idea. Minutes later your vehicle will be yellow again.

As a child, before the hundreds of allergy medications to choose from, our choices were to suffer or to take a pill that would put me right to sleep. I remember in high school trying to decide if I had enough tissues to get me through the day or do I risk trying to stay awake through my classes.

Superman has awful headaches. Sons used to become asthmatic. Daughter sneezes and blows her nose all day long. Many people suffer with noses that run like faucets, itchy throats, coughing, and endless sneezing. I have, for whatever reason, not had any major problems with the pollen these past few years. My eyes do get grainy and terribly itchy. Sometimes I even have sneezing attacks. But with a good shower, a little antihistamine pill and sleep, I’m usually good to go. For this I am so thankful.

20130415-090332.jpg As awful as pollen makes many people feel, I am blown away at the whole process that God put together. Do you see the bee in the upper left hand corner? There were many on this cherry tree buzzing around picking up pollen on their bodies to distribute to other plants. Honey bees fly to their favorite flowers to pick up ingredients for their honey.

20130415-090954.jpgMy yard is abloom because of that pesky yellow pollen.


20130415-091112.jpgThe world is filled things that annoy us and even make us sick. We can choose to dwell on those things and make ourselves even more miserable or focus on what is good.

I know someone who gets quite irritated with all of this “new” technology. She becomes angry every time she sees someone talking in their cell phone, looking down texting or just using their iPad. Believe me, while driving on a college campus and every student has a phone to their ear or they are looking down texting, she became quite irritated.

The sight of seeing everything outside covered in yellow could make me stay inside for the next few weeks, or I can choose to see the beauty it is creating. I could become upset at the sight of technology or embrace the good that it creates for us.

As for the pollen, give it a day or week or two, and God will provide some rain to wash it away.


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