Targeting Spring Fever

Have you been to Target lately? Spring has sprung in there!

20130420-164737.jpgI almost walked right past this display, but the flowers grabbed me. I really wanted to buy one of each.

20130420-164915.jpgThen on the next aisle over were these books. (I’m sure the Target employee, putting up the kitty food, was sending the special code off to the security guys to keep an eye on me. I was taking pictures, ooouing and awwwing all over the place.) I like the idea of doing nice things for people, especially doing it on the sly or without any fanfare. I think it is so easy to get caught up with our daily lives that we forget that we aren’t here for our own enjoyment, but to love others.


20130420-165425.jpgPretty good ideas to make someone else’s day.

20130420-165507.jpgOf course this book screamed out at me! But it was me who was laughing out loud when I opened the book. (I think I saw head of security look around the corner getting the handcuffs ready. I was just laughing and talking to myself!)

20130420-170736.jpgCome on….you know it’s true! It is awesome to put on a new pair of undies and they fit!

20130420-170831.jpgYes, I confess. I have smacked my electronics to make them work. Haven’t you?

20130420-170921.jpgAhhhh, a gratitude journal. Wouldn’t this be great for the Joy Dare journal, where we are counting a thousand blessings?

20130420-171302.jpgIt must have been one of those days where I had lots of time to wander. Love this spring green and bee hive jar. Have you ever done that? Just slowly walked up and down every aisle?

20130420-171434.jpgPretty, pretty containers and a cool looking lamp. I’m really loving this whole bee hive look. Believe it or not I did not buy anything that wasn’t on my list! It was just a boring buggy of dog food, toilet paper, and deodorant.

Is there a store that you like to just walk the aisles? Are you strong enough to not fill your buggy or can you just not resist?

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