Merry Mary , How Does Your Garden Grow?

Merry Mary , quite contrary (yes this is true), How does your garden grow? I don’t know about you, but with this warm weather I can not get enough of being outside. We have a yard crew that comes to mow and blow each week, but the digging and planting is what I love to do! I find it relaxing in the evening just me and my dogs to walk around the yard weeding and watering.

When it’s warm outside I have to make a trip to the big box home center to see what’s up.

20130422-125510.jpgBAM! My heart starts racing and my imagination gets the best of me. Some how I forget about the hard packed clay we have in our area, the amount of watering it will take when the temperatures rise into the high 90’s this summer and, oh yea, let’s not forget the amount of money it will take to have my yard look like this! Geez.

20130422-125825.jpgCheck out those colorful tomato cages! Aren’t they fun?!

20130422-125917.jpgoh Buddy…I really, really, really want to have a vegetable garden! I’ve tried digging one, but broke my shovel and my back. I, even, tried the potted garden, which worked ok. But because of the pots, the plants needed to be watered almost three times a day. So how can I have a garden? I thought about a raised garden. I got online looking up plans to build one. (I’m laughing now thinking about me pulling out the circular saw and “building” one all by myself. Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet and feel like I HAVE to do something.)

20130422-130454.jpgLucky for me, I have some really smart friends! Alice suggested I buy a kit! Brilliant! Each box makes a 4×4 square. I knew because of my poor soil, I would need to add a little more height, which was easy with this kit. So my garden is going to measure a whopping 8×4. No, I’m not going to have a cellar full of jarred veggies, but I’m hoping for a few good fresh salads, maybe some salsa and marinara sauce.

20130422-130953.jpgThis kit is actually pretty simple, slats and hinges.

20130422-131056.jpgAs what usually happens with me, it takes me awhile to figure out the process. I went through a couple of different sized drill bits to find the one that would work. My question is why weren’t the slats pre-drilled?

20130422-131507.jpgAfter an hour or two, my frame is finished. Having a helper/partner would make things go much quicker.

20130422-131842.jpgNext I laid down newspapers and watered them down to help deter the grass and weeds from coming up.

20130422-132012.jpgTime to start pouring in the garden soil. I thought I could get away with only 20 bags. I even planted the seedlings! (I am so impatient.) An 8×4 area requires 32 cubic feet of soil. I came to my senses and bought more bags. (Yes, I had to pull all the plants out very carefully.) Did I tell you that I was completely dead tired after the first day of bending over, drilling, screwing, lifting and pouring? I feel like now after putting an extra ten bags in, the plants have a better chance of survival.

20130422-132919.jpgLove these plantable pots! Just cut the plastic off and stick in the ground!

20130422-133055.jpgHere she is , in all her early glory! In the four corners are tomato plants, Roma, cherry and an heirloom. The tall vine is sugar snap peas. (I hope I didn’t kill it, when I had to pull it out and replant it. The trellis was still attached to the vines when it fell over on my head. Fingers crossed.) Sweet bell peppers and hot peppers are on the ends. Baby butter leaf lettuce is growing in a section. Blue Lake green beans and a cucumber “bush” are in the left hand section.

20130422-133644.jpgThese little babies are Ambrosia melons, (cantaloupes, I think.) The sweet 10 year old little boy who sold them to me at his grandpa’s stand, informed me that they should be protected from the weather until Wednesday. A cold front was coming in. He was right! It is cold and windy today. They will have to wait to be planted.

In my dreams, I would love to be completely fed out of my garden with fruit trees and a year round garden. But here in my subdivision yard, I’ll do the best that I can do. There is just something gratifying about eating the food you’ve grown yourself. I realize that this is small garden, but what a wonderful reminder of God’s provision! What is best for us, fresh vegetables and fruit, He created. For this I am thankful.

Do you have a garden? What should I do if I have an over abundance of tomatoes? Should I build a trellis for the green beans? Do you have any tricks for a healthy garden?

20130422-140447.jpgI will share with you the special sersy I received from a friend that helped clean me up. Time to go in, Daisy.

20130422-140631.jpgLet’s pray for rain.

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