A Sweet Sersie: Sugar Hand scrub

I planted a small garden this past week. I hear they have these new things out that you put on your hands to protect them and help keep them clean. Uh, I think they call these things ….gloves.

20130423-074205.jpgThe big question is, why don’t I wear these silly gloves? Honestly, I love having my hands in the dirt. My nails don’t get manicures, but are used as tools. You know, I use them as a substitute screwdriver, scrapers, and shovels.

As I was digging around, I received a text from a sweet friend who said I needed to look in my mailbox for a sersie. Sersie: what we southern girls call a surprise or small, sweet gift for a friend. (What is so cute about this, is that this friend of mine is from Germany and had no idea what a sersie was. When we explained, she was all over it! She loved the idea of giving little gifts to friends for no particular reason at all.)

20130423-075816.jpgAnd this is Dagmar’s sersie to me, Sugar Scrub. How perfect! She is so creative, giving and sweet. (I better use it soon! I didn’t even wash my hands. See the dirt I left on the jar?)

20130423-081056.jpgHands before! (I may have added a little more dirt for effect.)

20130423-081143.jpgTA-DA! Not only are they clean, but my hands a silky soft. I bet it would be great on my feet too!

Here is the recipe for SugarScrub(So easy.)
Sugar and Dawn Hand Renewal Dishwashing Soap.
In a large bowl, pour in sugar, then begin adding soap. Stir, stir,stir.
There are no exact measurements. Just add the soap until you have a nice consistency, not too soupy and not too dry.
Pour into little glass jars, decorate and give!

If you look on Pinterest, you will see hundreds of recipes. Other recipes may include brown sugar, essential oils, grated fruit rinds, olive or coconut oils. I think this is sooo easy to make. In fact, you probably already have sugar and the soap in your kitchen right now. It would be a great quick hostess gift if you needed something this evening. Teacher gift?

20130423-082159.jpgNow I just have to work on my nails. Yuk.

Thank you Dagmar!

Do have a recipe for sugar scrub?

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