Three Gifts Fragile

Today’s Joy Dare Challenge is to name three gifts that are fragile.

20130424-095235.jpg241. Infants The incredible vulnerability of our babies being born into this crazy world we live in. Especially as a new mother, I was terrified! Was I feeding her enough? Am I holding him in the right way? Will I drop her? Is he buckled up correctly? She needs to be disciplined, but I don’t want to break her spirit. He needs encouraging, yet not so much cheering that he forgets humility. What a blessing it is to have this opportunity to even be given the chance to be a parent.

20130424-095809.jpg242. Seedlings These delicate little plants need protection from the cold and care when planted in the ground. They may look like any ordinary plant, but these fragile little gals will (hopefully) produce sweet delicious fruit. Amazing.

20130424-101747.jpg243. My Mom This feisty lady has raised six kids, was a key component in the success of my parent’s business and has, almost single handedly, built a village in Haiti. As a child, she could stop you dead in your sneaky little tracks with “the look”. She is strong, independent, determined and more giving than anyone I know. Yet, today at 83 years old, with those spirited, strong-willed traits still intact, she is fragile. Aging isn’t for sissies. My heart breaks at watching her slowly losing her sight, her hearing, her stability and independence.

You know, all three of these gifts are filled with life. Each so fragile and precious. Whether at the very beginning of life, nourishing life, or in the seasoned time of life, it is all a gift. Give Thanks. Don’t let today go by without showing appreciation.

What are three gifts in your life that are fragile? A grandmother’s tea cup? A frayed quilt which has kept you warm? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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