Happy Birthday Rosette

I’ve been noticing these rosette ribbon badges around the Internet. In fact, I had to buy the book, Rosette Art, by Cathe Holden. Immediately I had to make a prize ribbon for someone. Luckily, a friend of mine is going to be celebrating her birthday in a week or so. I think I might put this on her office door and surprise her.

What I love about this craft, is that if you are like me, with LOTS of craft supplies, bits of this and that, this will help take care of that stash.

20130426-135515.jpgSo let’s begin with a cardboard base. A cereal box would be perfect to cut a circle out of. I measured and cut 5″ pieces of pink ribbon, which I folded over and glued around the circle. I filled the spaces around with blue and green ribbons in the same manner.

20130426-135913.jpg A little eyelet trim to cover the ribbon ends.

20130426-140219.jpgGotta have glitter!

20130426-140256.jpgI covered an empty ribbon spool with fabric to add some dimension.

20130426-140414.jpgA canning jar lid is covered with glitter tape. I used some pink glitter tape to jazz up the heart wings.

20130426-140548.jpgFoam dots will raise the wings up.

20130426-140647.jpgDag-gummit! I can’t find the crown in all this mess! Ugh! Does your work area get as messy as this?

20130426-140852.jpgTo make ribbon flowers, sew a running stitch along the long edge of the ribbon.

20130426-140939.jpgPull the thread to gather the ribbon into a circle. Sew closed. Add a button to make center of flower.


20130426-141139.jpgFor the tail, I cut several different ribbons, trims and fabric. I glued them to a piece of paper, which I folded over to make it easier to attach to the rosette.

20130426-141314.jpgI wasn’t too sure about the glue holding, so I stapled it shut.

20130426-141359.jpgNot worried about the staples showing, because I glued another piece of paper on top. Don’t forget the hanger!


20130426-141802.jpgI already have another idea for another friend of mine. These rosettes are reminders of the county fair First Place Ribbons. They are given to the best pie, the number one cow and the finest quilt. Hopefully, the people I make these rosettes for will know what special friends they are to me.

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