My Dog Sam

20130430-135634.jpgMeet Sam. She is what they call in the canine world as a black dog. We adopted her as a puppy 7 years ago from the animal shelter.

20130430-135912.jpgShe’s my buddy. My pal. My sweet girl.

20130430-140353.jpg She’s pretty easy to please. A little scratch behind her ear goes a long way.

20130430-140632.jpgShe’s playful.

20130430-140703.jpgShe’s a protector of all things dangerous, like this scary stuffed duck.

20130430-140957.jpgAnd nurturing at the same time. Yes, this squirrel is dead, but Sam gently carried it around for a few days, licking it and keeping it out of harms way by burying it under the mulch and digging it out again.

20130430-141613.jpgShe’s my running buddy.

20130430-141708.jpgSam helps me write my blog posts.

20130430-141815.jpgUnfortunately, Lilly Kitty doesn’t always appreciate Sam’s friendly nature.

20130430-142831.jpgShe’s determined to rid the yard of varmints.

20130430-143144.jpgSam has a wide range of food tastes, varying from kitty’s poop (you know, crunchy on the outside and smooth on the inside…) to garbage to your sandwich and even dog food.

20130430-144856.jpgAnother job of hers is to take and pick up the boys from school. Car rides are one of her favorite things to do.

20130430-145306.jpgWhen Sister comes home from college, life is just that much better.

20130430-145448.jpgSam. My girl.

5 thoughts on “My Dog Sam

  1. What at cute dog!!
    Reminds me a lot of my Dog Lady! Except for the car rides – Lady hates those. Thanks for the inspiration , I would really like to write a blog post like this about my dog too. Hopefully you don’t mind being my inspiration for that one ? πŸ˜‰

  2. Just precious!! πŸ™‚ All the pictures and captions made me smile and giggle! Nothing like a girl and her dog!!

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