Three Gifts Tasted

Mmmm….Three gifts tasted. The Joy Dare Challenge for today brings a smile to my face. I LOVE food! Relationships are built around a table. My mom always said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Nothing sounds sweeter to this mom’s ears than to hear my sons say that what I had cooked is their favorite. Continuing my list of blessings is easy today.

251.I remember Superman and my first date at Chi-Chi’s. (Is that still around?) Where would we be now if we hadn’t had the chicken chimichangas?

252.When we were children, my mom baked bread pudding whenever we were sick. During my first year of marriage, I got a nasty bout of a stomach bug. It was a real wake-up call that I was an “adult” as I laid there without my mom’s bread pudding.

20130430-195003.jpg253. Steamed Oysters Some of my favorite memories of college were of the Citadel Senior parties at the beach house. Back in the dark ages, before Hurricane Hugo, The Citadel had an old beach house on the Isle of Palms. (Since the hurricane many years ago, a beautiful beach house was built.) The Citadel Senior Class would host an oyster roast usually in October when the weather would be chilly. So imagine with me….the waves are crashing on the other side of the dunes, music is loud, and long tables are set up with steaming oysters thrown down the middle. You might be thinking”Seriously? Oysters? They look like something you just hacked up!” True, but you see, when you are an 18 year old girl and a good looking cadet is shucking them for you…you learn to lurrrve them! A steaming hot oyster with a squirt of spicy cocktail sauce…yum!

20130430-201323.jpg254. Dessert I’m not sure if this counts as one gift or a million. I love desserts, especially with a hot cup of coffee after dinner. It could be a simple cookie or a more elaborate flambé. I always have room for dessert. I must add, that dessert makes a great breakfast!

20130430-201952.jpg255. Anything Eaten in Italy. I’m not sure what it is. Is it because of the little outdoor cafe on the village square? Could it be the view from the cliffs overlooking the sea? Maybe it’s knowing the chef climbed down the mountain to the village in the morning to buy the freshest ingredients. Yup! Every meal eaten Italy is my favorite!

Ok, so maybe I actually listed more than three gifts today. I’m ok with that. Some of my most precious memories have food involved. Tell me about your gifts tasted. Remember that being aware of our blessings brings a joyful outlook. The more we seek God’s imprint in our lives, the more we see His love for us.

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