Nashville, TN

20130503-115851.jpgGreetings from Nashville, Tennessee! I love country and bluegrass music, so being here is quite exciting for me.

20130503-120623.jpgNashville is not what I expected. Not sure exactly what I thought I would see. Being the capital of this fine state, of course there are skyscrapers. We are staying just a block away from the capital building, which is quite impressive.

20130503-121154.jpg The Ryman Auditorium is the original Opry. Minnie Pearl, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams and even Elvis played this stage.

20130503-122020.jpgThis morning, The Ryman held the memorial service for George Jones. Every big name in country music and beyond was there.

20130503-123033.jpgElvis didn’t make it to the memorial, but we sang the blues.

20130503-123432.jpgPuckett’s Grocery and Restaurant is the place to eat. We liked it so much that we ate there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not exactly all on the same day, but we did eat there a lot.

20130503-123745.jpgWhen in this town, you have to hit one of the many honky tonks, bars or saloons.

20130503-124139.jpgI have no idea who this band is, but they were great! Walking down Broadway, you hear a different voice in every doorway. The talent is amazing here. I admire them all for their tenacious spirit to follow their dreams.

20130503-124509.jpgPhoto Bomb! The guy behind Superman and I was so funny getting in front of and behind us as we tried to get a picture.

20130503-124722.jpgWe sang, danced and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly that night. Looking forward to the next few days of our visit.

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