From Hee Haw to Little Big Town

Superman and I are home now, but I can’t stop thinking about the our trip to Nashville, Tennessee. What an amazing town! Sure, I would say that because I love my country music, but it also has an effect on those who don’t have a clue about George Jones or Luke Bryan.

20130506-064824.jpgThe first night we were here, a bunch of us hit the town and ended up at The Stage dancing and singing with this band. One gal had no clue to any of the songs being played. The following morning this same friend watched the George Jones memorial service. She told me that through her tears, she “got” it! She understood country music.

20130506-065505.jpgThere’s the history. Whether or not you like country music, it is where all other music genres began. For the most part, country music believes in God, family and the US of A.

20130506-065524.jpgThe amazing talent! Superman is pretty cute standing there, but I’m talking about the unbelievable talent of the musicians who play country music.

20130506-070155.jpg Almost all of the songs tell a story. There is love found, love lost, revenge, fishing, family and even sadness. Now, you’ve got to admit the early outfits were prit-tee stoke! Walking through the Country Music Hall of Fame gave me a better appreciation of the music I love to listen to.

20130506-070521.jpgDo you remember this oldie? I know you do! HEE HAW! (Sorry about the poor picture quality. We couldn’t use flash.)A goofy show, yes. But our parents weren’t afraid to have us watch it. It was innocent and entertaining. We don’t have enough of that around these days.

20130506-075822.jpgCheck out this car owned by Nudie Cohn, owner of several country western wear stores. Silver dollars lined the interior and colt revolvers were used as door handles.

20130506-080125.jpgFrom Brad Paisley’s guitar…

20130506-080200.jpgto Luke Bryan’s boots…

20130506-080230.jpgto Carrie Underwood’s dress and Trace Atkins suit….

20130506-080317.jpgto Rascal Flatt’s outfits….

20130506-080352.jpg to Miranda Lambert’s bustier…

20130506-080549.jpgto the fringed out suits of yesteryear. The stage costumes helped me visualize the performers and made them come to life for me.

20130506-081330.jpgNow you can’t go to Nashville without going to The Grand Ole Opry. I felt like I was transported into time with Little Jimmy Dickens, The Walker Family and Bill Monroe. It is still a radio show with commercials and all. From twangy steel guitars to bluegrass to today’s popular Nashville television show starring, Sam Palladio performing that night.

20130506-082344.jpgOf course singing “Pontoon” with Little Big Town was the highlight of my evening.

Nashville. A city rich with history. You may arrive thinking its all about drinking beer, transporting moonshine and marrying your cousin, but I bet you’ll leave with a smile on your face, a song in your heart and your toes tapping in a new pair of boots.

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