Three Gifts In A Closet

Today’s Joy Dare Challenge is to think about three gifts in a closet.

20130508-080729.jpg254. Shoes- I volunteer at a homeless shelter where many women and children walk in with one pair of shoes, sometimes maybe just a pair of slippers. I went to Sierra Leone last summer where the majority of the people walk barefoot. And here my closet is full of shoes. Yes, I feel pangs of shame and guilt. Yet, I know that with one pair of those shoes I walked the dusty streets of Africa sharing the gospel of Jesus. Another pair has allowed me to exercise to keep my body somewhat healthy. The flip flops have protected me as I walk across the scalding sand of the beach. I’ve worn boots to hike mountains that seemed so high that I thought I could touch heaven. God doesn’t want me to feel guilty about having shoes. He wants me to give thanks to Him for the luxury, safety and comfort they have brought me.

20130508-082022.jpg255. Coat- I love my purple winter coat. In South Carolina, the average low temperature during the winter is about 40 degrees. This particular coat provides the warmth without the bulk. I am very thankful for this coat.

20130508-082304.jpg256. Suitcase- This is a symbol of travel, freedom and adventure to me. Superman and I are so fortunate to have the opportunities to travel around the world. We’ve stood on top of the Swiss Alps, seen the Sistine Chapel, scuba dived off the Hawaiian Islands and zip lined through the jungles of Puerto Rico. I know how lucky we are. I don’t take that for granted. Superman is an adventure addict and I’m along for the ride.

What three gifts are in your closet? Please share with me in the comments below!

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