Living Out Crazy Love; Giveaway

I’ve always claimed to be a Christian. As a child, I attended Sunday School, vacation bible school during the summers and we never missed a Sunday of church. As a mother, I was the Sunday school teacher, youth group leader, head honcho of vacation bible school, read the bible to my children each night and kneeled with them by their beds to pray. I participated in many, many bible studies, went to women’s conferences listening to wise speakers and singing praises, and I’ve created a habit of spending time alone with God. Man, I looked like a real super hero of Christianity from the outside.

20130520-084108.jpgThen one day my small group of women decided to read and talk about Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. This red book changed my life. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing all of the right things. Sunday school, leading, teaching and learning are all very important in the growth of myself and others. But in the deep core of my heart, something was missing. I saw in myself and others around me this complacency or check list that said we were ok.

I wanted more. And I believe God put this book in my hands.

In the very first sentence of the first chapter, Chan asks us to stop praying. Huh? What if we were to “stop talking at God for a while, but instead take a long, hard look at Him before we speak another word?” In fact, Chan tells us to go online and look at the “Awe Factor” video. Click here to get a taste of the awe factor of our God.

Why did our God create these millions of galaxies that none of us will ever see? Why did he create a caterpillar with 228 separate and distinct muscles in its head? Why are there hundreds of different types of bananas? He didn’t have to, but He did.

20130520-090855.jpgWhy did He create thousands of different butterflies? Wouldn’t two, three or ten have been enough?

I guess what blows my mind the most is when I think about every, and I mean every single, solitary person that has been born on this earth since the beginning of time. Just imagine their faces and body build, their talents and abilities, their speech and laughter. No two have ever been alike. Even identical twins have differences. This can not happen by 32 chromosomes alone or happenstance.

So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them. Genesis1:27

Only when we take the time to reflect and acknowledge the creativity, humor and majesty of God’s abilities will we ever be able to truly worship Him. Imagine attending a concert of your favorite musician, band or orchestra. You see the performers, you hear the songs being played with each note beating in your heart. You may be humming the tune or singing every word. You could be nodding your head to the beat or up and dancing along. It is one of the best evenings you’ve had. At the end of the performance what do you do? Do you just sit on your hands and numbly walk on home? Or do you clap and cheer? Do you immediately post on Facebook your experience? Do you tell everyone you know about the joy you experienced? God has provided us a concert with every chirping bird, blooming flower and hug from a friend. He doesn’t need us to be God. Our one and only God loves us so much that He wants to give us a taste of what is to come in Heaven.

Francis Chan challenges us Christians to stop being lukewarm about our faith and start living life with the same crazy love that God has for us. “Because when you’re wildly in love with someone, your life changes.”

20130520-095407.jpgAre you ready for a life changer? Are you yearning for a more passionate life? I am giving away not only Francis Can’s Crazy Love, but I am also going to include his book, Forgotten God. Share with me in the comment section a time or experience that has filled you with great joy. A great dinner? A day at the beach? A hike in the mountains? A concert? A party? I will randomly draw a name on Friday May 24th.

Have a joy-filled day!

2 thoughts on “Living Out Crazy Love; Giveaway

  1. This past Halloween with Brayden. He picked out his own costume, he chose to be a pumpkin and we went trick or treating at the therapy center. His first time. I remember every moment because of the way his eyes lit up every time a piece of candy dropped into his little bag. And on his own, after each one fell, he gave a big THANK YOU to the giver. It was an awesome thing to see!

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