Three Gifts Smelled, Seen and Touched

Days after the horrifying tornado in Oklahoma, I am still brought to tears. I read in my newspaper today that for this tornado to have happened, so many little things had to have been in place, the temperature, humidity, cold stream. Any of these to be off just a little would have changed things. Why did this have to happen? I don’t know. But what I do know is that my God is still here. He was there saving people. He was performing miracles even in that tragedy.

Continuing in the Joy Dare Challenge name three things smelled, seen and touched.

20130522-085758.jpg This is an area on my street that isn’t owned by any homeowner. I’m sure it is driving the HOA crazy that such weeds are growing. I walk by it every day and it brings me joy.

20130522-090037.jpg274. Honeysuckle The first thing that hits me as I walk down my driveway is the sweet smell of honeysuckle. The scent turns my head around looking for the source. I smile. It brings back childhood memories of pulling the stamen out of the flower and licking the “honey”.

20130522-090417.jpg275. Purple and yellow wild flowers. Standing at a distance, one might describe these as weeds.

20130522-090629.jpgBut as you take a closer look, you see beauty. How many times have we judged someone from a distance in a negative light, but to get to know them we see a person with gifts, humor and love.

20130522-091056.jpg276. Grass. It is really tall and when a breeze blows through, it is so peaceful. I imagine this is what “amber waves of grain” might look like.

20130522-091436.jpgI can’t help but to run my hands over it.

Even in the darkest days, God is there. Faith is believing in things seen and unseen. I have never seen God’s face, but I have seen and experienced his presence.
I pray you will smell, see and touch God today. Tell me about it in the comments below.
Have a great day!

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