My Day Starts Here

20130531-092710.jpgMy day starts here. Cup of coffee…check. Bible….check. iPad….check. Puppy dogs….check.

20130531-092846.jpgHere in upper state SC, it can get hot pretty quick during the summer. So this gazebo in my backyard is my cooling spot. It is some of the best money we have spent on this house. Because the mosquitos can eat you alive, we’ll eat inside this screened in room for breakfast and dinner.

Last night my son graduated from high school, all 769 of them! It was a late night, but i was able to sleep in to the late hour of 7:30 this morning. I am out here in my room, listening to the birds, feeling the breeze, drinking some coffee, talking to God and feeling good. I want to walk around the yard and see what’s going on. Come with me.

20130531-094135.jpgI love my gate. I wish I had a camera and the right light to be able to show you better.

20130531-094250.jpgThe day lilies have the morning dew on them. Isn’t it cool how even at night God is taking care of things?

20130531-094507.jpgLets check out that garden I planted a month or so ago. DANG! This baby is doing great!

20130531-094741.jpgPlum tomatoes for sauce.

20130531-094836.jpgSweet sugar peas, mmmm. I love just picking and eating these babies.

20130531-095227.jpgIf I say so myself, this has made the best salads.

20130531-095457.jpgDid you know, that if you cut about 2 inches up, before it goes into some weird growth span, it will grow back? Check it out!

20130531-095704.jpgBlue Lake green beans are looking good.

20130531-095735.jpgLooks like my carrots need to be thinned out.

20130531-095817.jpgHere on my pergola, over our grill is this beautiful Jasmine. Oh my gosh, I wish I could put Smell-a-gram on this post! This flower smells…mmmm!

20130531-100029.jpgThis is our peach tree. My young one, Thomas, always wanted to plant a fruit tree, so I let him pick one out. It gets to this fuzzy pit size and we get all excited thinking we’re going to be making pies. This was not planted in the right place. Someone didn’t want to dig a hole in the yard where it would get the most sun, so it sits here just on the edge. It receives lots of sun at the beginning of spring before the trees above it leaf out, then it loses out on the light. I should have stood my ground. Oh well.

20130531-100615.jpgDaisy wants to walk around, so,we’ll take a look up front.

20130531-100656.jpgI love looking down the front walk, where flowers and greenery cascade over.

20130531-100803.jpgOh Man, I wish I had taken pictures of these Knockout Roses a week ago, they were bursting with pink color! Here is just a wink of how beautiful they were.

20130531-100952.jpgOops! I guess we call this an epic fail. There is just enough overhang at my front door that these guys did not get watered by rain. Oh and I forgot to water. This makes me sad.

20130531-101136.jpgLuckily Sam makes me giggle as she hunts down a frog behind the kayaks. I saw it hop away, but she doesn’t know that.

I’m going to leave you with this silly guy, who watches over my flowers that I planted back in the fall and still look pretty. He makes me smile. I hope he does you too.


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