Superman and Trying to Keep Up.

I am married to Superman. He is addicted to adventure, to say the least. He grew up in a small country town where the biggest adventure was tipping cows at midnight or going muddin’ in your pick-up truck. Yee Haw!

Needless to say he is his own man.

20130604-090717.jpgHe runs marathons. He’s an Ironman.

20130604-090911.jpgHe’s done mud runs. (Here he shows his true redneck genes with the Elvis glasses and sideburns.) Let’s get serious, mud runs are kindergarten stuff to these guys. They’ve participated in the grueling Spartan Race where competitors run as fast they can through obstacles that include barb wire, throwing javelins, carrying buckets of water, dragging cement and ending with a run through fire. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? I’m a great cheerleader!

20130604-092508.jpgThe man skis the black diamond slopes in Colorado.

20130604-092537.jpgI, on the other hand, shop, get a massage and relax in the hot tub. Hey someone’s got to do it! I’ll sacrifice.

20130604-092700.jpgHe’s climbed highest peaks here in the U.S. and around the world. As you can see, our boys are being trained in the “live life to the fullest”mentality.

Sometimes it’s hard to live with such an over-achiever, but I am supportive. In fact, I do my best to accompany him on many high adventures. I don’t run, though I am working toward 3 miles. Doing a mud run sounds fun, but running through electric wires doesn’t.

For Christmas one year, I gave Superman scuba diving lessons. We got certified together.

20130604-093839.jpgWe’ve seen the deep ocean waters up close, sunken ships, beautiful reefs and sharks!. Yes,we did a shark dive together. Pretty crazy having 12 foot sharks swim all around you, sometimes just inches from your head.

20130604-094121.jpgOne summer, the family went to Estes Park in Colorado. Superman casually asked if I would like to join him when he climbs Long’s Peak, the highest point in the Rocky Mountain National Park. “Sure!”, I said. Little did I know that we would be starting our hike at 3:30 AM, hiking for 15 hours, clinging to the side of a mountain and hiking through a thunder/lightning storm in the wide open boulder field.

20130604-094605.jpgWhen everyone else is turning back, we hike on.

20130604-094650.jpgAs a family, we hiked Angels Landing last summer. Yup, you had to hold on to the chain to get to the top, otherwise you would fall to either side hundreds of feet below. People were going up and down on that narrow trail.

20130604-094814.jpgHiked 12 hours through the Narrows. I thought I was going to die! After about 3 hours I asked if we were halfway there. Superman laughed and said “Honey, we aren’t halfway of halfway! What part of 12 hours did you not understand?” Hmmm I guess I thought he was exaggerating. I mean, who would actually plan on doing a hike like that? It was 12 hours of climbing over boulders, hiking on large pebbled paths where your feet twisted and turned, and also at times swimming through the ice cold water.

20130604-095316.jpgTo see the famous Subway. We couldn’t just go in the back way, like 99% of the visitors. We had to start at the beginning! Another all day adventure of hiking, climbing, swimming across frigid streams and rappelling.

Today we are packing for this year’s adventure, a rafting trip down the Snake River through Hell’s Canyon. On this 4 day luxury trip we will encounter class five rapids, have the opportunity to paddle our own ducky (a one person kayak), and sleep in tents. My question when Superman brought the idea up was “Will there be toilets?” His answer…Seriously Honey?

20130604-101716.jpgI guess I’ll be packing this.

No, I will never be as strong, athletic, adventurous or crazy as my Superman. In fact, my idea of a vacation is a good book under an umbrella at the beach. You know….toes in the water, cold drink in my hand… But do you know how grateful I am that I have had these crazy high adventures with the ones I love the most? Superman has pushed me to do things I never thought I could do and we’ve gone places I could only dream of. Because of him, this family has stories to tell and bonds that cannot be broken. Thank you Superman!

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