Three Gifts I Don’t Understand

Today’s Joy Dare Challenge is not going to be following Ann Voscamp’s 1000 Gifts Calendar. We are on the way to the Charlotte airport and I have had an “awww man” experience.

So, this is my own take on the Joy Dare Challenge. Name three gifts of things you will never understand.

20130605-141835.jpg785. Great Song Writers and Musicians. In high school I was in the marching band. I pretended to play the flute. Seriously, I pretended. We had to play our memorized music for the section leader, which I never could. Lucky for me, the flute section wasn’t an integral part of the performance. I got by that year with my dazzling personality and great marching skills. The following year I was a flag twirler. I will never understand how someone can sing in tune, learn multiple instruments, play intricate musical score. So, as we drive to Charlotte listening to artists like Darius Rucker and Brad Paisley, who have not only written every song, but sing it and play instruments….I am truly amazed. I am so thankful for the gift of musicianship that many talented people have. I get great enjoyment out of all types of music, jazz, country, rock n’roll, classical, Christian and more.

20130605-142628.jpg286. Internet Really? How does this all work? It’s crazy! Pictures zipping through space? Talking to someone in China via Skype? So cool! My sister has a grandson who lives 1,000’s of miles away and because of Skype she’s able to watch him take his first steps and have face-to-face conversations with that cute one year old. I completely don’t get how it works, but I am so grateful for the masterminds who thought it all up.

20130605-145906.jpg287. Airplanes. I know there’s the whole laws of physics that deal with lift and airflow. But come on! Here are these hundred ton machines with wings that take off and fly thousands of feet in the air. I have friends who need to be sedated to get on a plane because of their fear. I sit here on this plane, waiting for our turn and I watch plane after plane takeoff. I wonder where they are going…who are the passengers going to meet when they land…and how amazing it is that with the millions of planes that are in the air today, I feel pretty sure I am going to get their safely.

I realize I have really dumbed myself down today. I’m ok with that. I am so thankful for music, Internet and air flight. What crazy things, that you truly don’t understand, are you thankful for today?

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