Three Gifts That Shouldn’t Be

Again I am going off course with the Joy Dare Challenge. Has anyone ever said something to you that they believed to be true, yet you could prove them wrong? That person could even be yourself.

So today, what are three blessings from God that maybe shouldn’t be?

20130619-085858.jpg301.Blue Flowers. Oprah Winfrey, in all her wisdom, said that there was no such thing as blue flowers. What does she know? Blue Hydrangeas are probably one of my favorite flowers. I have a row of them bursting with big mop heads ranging in colors from pinks to purples to blues. The color has to do with the PH in the soil. So, it is interesting to see the change in colors as the bushes grow down this hill.

20130619-090414.jpg301. I can grow food. At the beginning of spring, I planted a raised bed garden with tomatoes, beans, peppers, lettuce and cucumbers. What started as little seedlings has now grown to over 6 ft tall. I have tried in years past to grow a few things here and there, but was never very successful. This year I thought I’d give it one more try. Lawd have mercy! I will call it a success. Maybe we only got a couple of salads from the lettuce and two or three dishes of beans, but they were the best salads and beans we ever had! The tomato plants are full of fruit just waiting to ripen. I doubted myself. I was so afraid of wasting money and time. Yet, here I am feeding my family from my garden. Cool.

20130619-091638.jpg302. Sick Plants Won’t Bloom. these Knock Out Roses have never looked quite right. See the red leaves and branches? They shouldn’t be there. I did a little research and discovered that these plants are diseased and need to be thrown away immediately.

20130619-091956.jpgI don’t know if can do that right now with the beautiful flowers that are blooming off of them right now. How many times have we seen people with disabilities put to the side and discounted their worth? I realize that people are so much more valuable than a bunch of mass produced plants. I know these roses need to be pulled up, because they can infect other plants, but I also just need to praise God for their beauty! It reminds me to look past the wheelchair, the stuttering or bent limbs and look at the beauty in all of us.

20130619-092528.jpg303. Daisy I know, this is number four, but she was standing there and I needed to give thanks for this old girl. I’ve talked aboutDaisy before. We again had to put her in the kennel while we were on vacation for twelve days. She’s almost 15 years old. I’ve had several people tell me I should just put her down because she poops inside a lot. To think that at her age she still gets excited about taking a walk or a spoonful of peanut butter, there is no way I’m going to let her go before her time. Daisy deserves respect. She’s family. Yup she sheds, wanders all night long and I sometimes step in her accidents, but I’m going to keep on loving her until the end.

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