Ever Have A Day Like This?

The alarm sounded at 6am sharp. I heard it and turned it off. What seemed like seconds later, (1800 seconds later), the doorbell rang. I jumped out of bed, bleary eyed, stumbled to the door, tripped over two barking dogs and stepped in dog poop. Yup! It squished right between my toes….yuk. Thomas’ ride for cross country practice was there waiting for him. Him, who was still fast asleep. As I hopped to the bathroom to clean my feet up, the house security alarm starts blaring. I had 30 seconds to get to the key pad to disarm it before the security called the police. In ten minutes I picked up the poop, pulled myself together and got the boy to practice on time.

Thinking I had a couple of hours before leaving to go to help a friend, I started writing yesterday’s blog post. Ring-ring! “Mom, Can you come pick us up?” Okie dokie. When we got home, I finished the post, showered and dressed, walking out the door at the very last second, when the phone rings again. It’s my sister telling me our brother is having some mystery surgery. His health isn’t good and this worries me.

Good Morning Mary!

20130620-074313.jpgI could have carried my morning frustrations throughout the day, but I couldn’t because of this little guy. I wrote about him here and here. Brayden has been in the hospital for four and half months. His mother, Nina, has not left his side.

In this picture, Brayden is showing off his tattoos. Every nurse that came in to see him was a lucky recipient of a bear, sparkle or watermelon tattoo.

20130620-080045.jpgThis beautiful, almost, three year old is the main purpose of my day. There was no way I was going to let a little poop change my mood. I was trying to get out the door, to get to the hospital, to be able to bring Nina and Brayden home! To fully understand how important this is, you have to know that just two weeks ago we almost lost him. He had tethered spinal chord surgery which he came out of perfectly. Nina and I went out to dinner before I left on my trip to celebrate the successful surgery. When she got back to his room things started going downhill. His rectal temperature was 94 degrees, then an hour later shot to 103 degrees. Within days the little boy was in a coma. As I am boarding the plane, Nina texts me with her worries and I feel completely helpless. I was going to be off the grid for at least 5 days and across the country for a total of 12 days. Anything could happen while I was gone. I feared the worst.

My hope laid with God. I know that He has a great plan for this little boy. Brayden has overcome so many obstacles and has transformed so many people with his loving personality, that there had to be more to his story.

20130620-081826.jpgMiraculously, Brayden made it! In fact, he is well enough to go home. Even more beautifully, not back to the homeless shelter, but to a real honest, to goodness home. (Oh, how I wish I had taken a picture! That can be another post.) Now, he and baby Stumpy can move on to the next chapter.

While loading up the cart with their things to go home, nurses, doctors, orderlies and janitors came to get a hug and kiss good-bye. Through meeting him face to face or by hearing about him through prayer chains, Facebook, friends and Internet, anyone who meets Brayden has their heart touched. There’s just something about him.

20130620-102327.jpgHere he is fast asleep in my car, after a very busy morning saying good-bye to all of his friends at the hospital. Get some rest Little Buddy. God has Big plans for you!

20130620-102607.jpgYup! You’ve got this!

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