Snakes, Guns and Puppy Dog Tails

My plan on Saturday morning was to sleep in to maybe 8:00, piddle around the house and then hang out in my craft room. Wellll, Superman had other ideas. If you want to play with the big dogs, you’ve got to get off the porch.

20130624-142732.jpgThe guys wanted to check out the soybeans, peas and millet planted down on the farm.

20130624-143008.jpgSam found herself a toad, which she keeps forgetting doesn’t taste so good.

20130624-143140.jpg“Pete! We thought you was a tooaaad!” What movie is that from?

20130624-143245.jpgNeedless to say, she had to get a quick drink to wash her mouth out.

20130624-143343.jpgWe saw 5 snakes down there!! Two of them were copper heads like this one!

20130624-143442.jpgIf you can get beyond looking at my armpit, I want you to notice how I bit off the snake’s head…..naw, I’m just kidding. With my brave boy holding it for me, I liked touching it. It’s skin was so smooth- like butta.

20130624-143920.jpgWe also saw two black snakes and this garter snake.

20130624-144022.jpgWook at da sweet widdle snakey!

20130624-144127.jpgOf course a day at the farm is not complete without shootin’ sum guns.

20130624-144215.jpgHere Superman is giving a safety briefing. Good things to know.

20130624-144305.jpgOh Yea! Mom is shooting off a Springfield 1911.45ACP. I have no idea what that means. All I know is that it looked like a pistol, held bullets and I had to be very careful about what I was doing.

20130624-144559.jpgUh huh! Check it out! I’m sure all of mine are the ones in the black target zone. Yea, right.

20130624-144935.jpg Actually this is how you do it.

20130624-145050.jpgThe guys tried to show me the proper technique and stance, but I’m such a girl.

20130624-145157.jpgOooou! I love shiny objects!

20130624-145502.jpgHey, if you want to shoot, you have to fill the magazines.

20130624-193913.jpgThis M4 assault rifle is not for sissy’s.

20130624-194922.jpgI may be a girl, but I ain’t no sissy! I shot it, just to prove that I could.

20130624-195018.jpgAs I sat there watching the guys, I got distracted.

20130624-195201.jpgI may not have been able to spend a few hours in my craft room, but I can still get creative!

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