I am Overwhelmed!

I woke up this morning with energy and spirit to pull things together around here. First stop was to clean out my garage, then uncluttered my kitchen counters and then take some quiet time to write about a special friend. I was feeling gooood!

20130701-111321.jpgYup! Time to throw out, clean up and put away.

20130701-111423.jpgYuk like this…

20130701-111446.jpgand this…

20130701-111457.jpgand this….was really grossing me out whenever I went into the garage. (By the way, the dried up poop was hidden behind boxes. How it got there, I have no idea.)

20130701-111829.jpgGarden tools were haphazardly strewn about.

20130701-111855.jpgWhat is in this box of junk? What do I do with it?

20130701-111931.jpgAnd here is a collection of fishing rods. One is broken in half…we still have it because? Do you see the other one that has a water bottle lid tied to the end….why?
I was still ok. I still felt good unloading the entire garage and organizing it all into zones. Then it all went downhill very quickly. I opened the second garage door to be able to sweep the bugs out on that side, when my heart quit beating…everything started going in slow motion. When this happened…

20130701-112823.jpgI forgot the extra heavy, metal shelving unit was leaning on the other side of the door, so as the door went up, the box fell down scraping a huge gash in my husband’s car. I am dying. What do I do? Can someone fix it? Could it be fixed before he gets home from camp? Do I call him right now and tell him? Will it ruin his camping trip? He will not be happy.

At that moment the only thing I could do was to keep moving on with a heavy heart. I struggled to put the shelving unit together, but I did it. I also put together the garden tool caddy.

20130701-113641.jpgThat will work.
Then it started raining. Perfect. Patience with myself has gone. I’m done. Adam helped me put it all back in the garage to keep it all from getting wet. I didn’t care where, just in.

20130701-113926.jpgUgh. I am so frustrated. We have too much stuff.
I decided to close it all up and go inside. There I am hit with dirty dishes, piles of crap on the counters, fur bunnies floating around and the reminder to call a few repairmen.
Look at one of the boxes that has been sitting there for 6 years!

20130701-114604.jpgAnd what book lies on top?

20130701-114615.jpgGeez. I’m going back to bed.

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