Countdown of a Week Gone By

I haven’t blogged much this week. Honestly, I was just too tired. But here is a recap of my week by the numbers.

20130705-210159.jpg10 Days of rain. Don’t get me wrong, I love rain. It makes my garden grow. And July in South Cackalacky can be brutal, so rain is a good thing. Lately though, the storms can get a little scary and our ground is over saturated.

20130705-210500.jpg9 people were celebrating the 4th of July with me, even this cutie patootie. My mom, two sisters, two nephews, a niece, Adam, Brayden and Nina enjoyed some homemade BBQ, corn on the cob, baked beans, dips, watermelon, and dessert. It was lots of fun.

20130705-210938.jpg8 thousand-five hundred and thirty two dollars was the cost of repairing the damage I did to Superman’s BMW. Nawwww. Just kidding. It just seemed like that much when I handed over my credit card.

20130705-211228.jpg7 on the tennis court made my day. We had a small window of time when it wasn’t raining. (These ladies are actually not who I played with on Wednesday. This picture was taken back in April.) Anyhoo…getting out on the court really raised my spirits.

20130705-211707.jpg6 more days until I get to see my sweet girl! She is down in Clearwater, Florida working on a project with the college evangelical group CRU. She is LOVING it, but her momma really misses her. So I am happily driving 10 hours to see her for a day and a half.

20130705-211926.jpg5 stores had to be explored before finding flat, white twin sheets for my boy to take to summer school at the Citadel. There were white full, queen and king flat sheets. There were twin flat sheets in tan, pink, blue, yellow and purple, but not white! I almost thought I was going to have to cut and sew some full sized sheets to make it work. Glad I found them!

20130705-212259.jpg4tomato plants can’t turn red because there hasn’t been any sun with this rain. Look at this picture….you can see the plants are covered in tomatoes! Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow…bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be sun…anyway…

20130705-212717.jpg3 times I had to drive to Greenville this week. I know many of my friends do it several times a week, but this old gal just doesn’t usually see the need. Today, Adam and I had to retrieve Superman’s car from the repair shop. On the way home, I made, what was suppose to be a quick stop, at a nice shopping center. It has a Home Goods store- Love! I bought a new comforter for a re-do I am going to do soon. Then I stopped in Swoozies for little peek. It is one of those “Oh So Cute” stores. Everywhere you look there is something adorable. I found two sweet presents there. Sorry can’t tell you what they are! It will ruin the surprise! Anyhoo…lucky for me that I was in there when this crazy storm blew in. It was fine with me to wander around while waiting for the rain to break.

20130705-213448.jpg2 boxes and a suitcase is all Adam needs to take to summer school. In fact, that will probably be all he will need for college in August. Totally different than his sister, who required two vehicles crammed to the top to get her to Charleston.

20130705-213703.jpg1 boy and me this week. It’s been bitter sweet being just the two of us. We’ve had many meals out together. Sushi is usually our go-to for mom/son dates. I love hanging out with him. It has been so sweet spending time together, just the two of us. But I’ve also felt those strong motherly pangs of letting him go. I know that this is just the next season of his life, but this here momma is going to miss her boy! The four weeks he will be gone to summer school, will be the longest we have ever been apart. Wahhhhhh! Sorry, I had a moment. I think I may have a few of those in the upcoming months.

Well, that about wraps up my week! How was your’s? Did you do anything special to celebrate the Fourth? Have a good weekend!

Remember to Wag More and Bark Less!

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