Living Out That Crazy Love: Tina

Back at the end of May, I told you about a girl named Margo who shows some crazy love at the homeless shelter, Miracle Hill. Well, there is another friend of mine that has stepped out of her comfort zone and is showing some crazy love.

20130714-135200.jpg Tina is a mother of three and wife to Eric. She volunteers at the local animal shelter and dedicates a lot of time at the children’s schools. Her life was very full and yet, she felt like something was missing. Like many of us, she has all the luxuries of a nice neighborhood, home, healthy children and loving husband, but she felt a tug on her heart that there was something “more”. And it wasn’t more material things, but more value in how she spent her energies.

Tina’s faith began to flourish when she began attending B.S.F.- Bible Study Fellowship at a local church. This once a week, intensive bible study not only increased her knowledge of the bible, but increased her love for God. While driving with a friend one day, she lamented how she wanted to do more with her life, but didn’t know where to start. Her friend suggested Miracle Hill, where she knew many from her church volunteered. Tina showed up the next day to offer her time and talents.

20130714-140705.jpgI first met Tina when she showed up to babysit the children of the moms I worked with in Parenting Classes. What a blessing it was for the moms to know their children were loved and well taken care of for 30-45 minutes. Although not every week there are children, Tina still comes and sits in on the classes to support me and offer solid, motherly advice.

20130714-141235.jpgOnce a month, Tina provides free haircuts to the ladies at Miracle Hill. For many of the women, they haven’t had a haircut in a year or more. Yet, like any of us, they just feel so much better after having their hair professionally shaped.

20130714-141618.jpgMaybe its a trim or maybe a simple color touch-up, but no matter what, she is there with a smile and gives so much kindness and love.
Mother’s Day, this past May, Tina stepped away from her celebration and drove a new mom from shelter to the hospital so she could visit with her baby in NICU.

20130714-142337.jpgTina confessed to me one morning as we were walking to our cars, how she usually leaves Miracle Hill in tears. Her husband even suggested that maybe this wasn’t the place for her to be if she was going to be upset every time she came. Although heart broken for the pain the women experience, she knew that she was here to stay. In fact, Tina and I are signing up for Christian counseling classes so we can better understand and serve the clients.

Christians like to play it safe. We like to love and be around others like us. It’s easier that way. But what if more of us were like Tina? What if more of us stepped out of our comfort zone and started loving on those who might have addictions? Or difficult lives? What if we gave fully of ourselves even when it hurt? What if we did that one thing that God is asking us to do, even if our friends try to convince us to otherwise? What if we used the talents God gave us to serve others and not ourselves?

What if? What a lovely place it would be.

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