The 5 Minute Change-Up

We have been in this house for six years now. I can’t believe it. For the past few months I’ve been thinking it is time for a change-up. I thought about redecorating my college age daughter’s room. You know kind of make it a little more grown up. When I mentioned it to her, she sighed and asked that I didn’t do anything. I’ll wait.

Then this little flowered chair kept calling out to me.

20130715-121015.jpg“Change me! Move me! Do something!”

A year ago, I took her sister and recovered her.

20130715-121119.jpgShe resides in my dining room. I actually sewed that baby! I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, but plugged along. Of course if you look closely, even at far away, you can see all the imperfections. I’m ok with it, because she sits in a corner behind the table. After the countless hours and back breaking pinning, cutting, fitting and sewing, I knew I didn’t want to do that again. And actually I couldn’t figure out what fabric to use. I, even, sent off for samples of fabric for a slip cover. They didn’t really hit the mark either.

Then, as I was taking a shower at my sister’s last week when I was visiting her, I had a brilliant idea! Switch the flowered chair with the club chair from the bedroom!

20130715-121641.jpgRight now it only holds clothes and what-not. Does anyone else have a chair like that? It never gets sat on, just holds stuff?

Easy! Just switch them out.

20130715-121902.jpgUhhhh, maybe not so easy. But being as brilliant as I am, I took the feet off and it slid right out.

I moved the flowered wingback into its place in the bedroom.

20130715-122153.jpgOh My! Look what we have here…a pen, crumbs, taco sauce and 55 cents.

20130715-122312.jpgAnd yup! It holds all my miscellaneous stuff. Thomas smartly advised that I could actually use the chair to sit on if I would put my stuff away. Oh Reeally now.?.
And this is the club chair’s new home.

20130715-123051.jpgNice. I like it. And it cost me $0!

20130715-125504.jpgThe boy approves.

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