Five Things to Call Finally Finished

Hello, my name is Mary and I am a messy procrastinator.
UGHHHHH!!! How many times do I have to walk by something before I actually do anything about it? Argggblitzfiggertshuckawuckajingapickle…imagine my head spinning on my shoulders right now. I am 47 years old and I still have not figured out how to get it together.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a wonderful blog, Flax & Twine, where she discovered during a move that she had lots and lots of unfinished projects. So she decided to finish 50 to lighten her load. Yes I, too, have hundreds of unfinished projects to do, even if some are still in my head. The only way to get them done is to start!

So here are 5 things that have been buggin the hound out of me around the house. Maybe if I print them here I will be motivated to get ‘er done, instead of walking by.

20130722-114455.jpg1. Call someone to repair kitchen sink. Oh, it has been cracked since….ummm…November of last year!!! I did try to do a repair job with clear caulk, but it didn’t last too long. Time for the professionals. Mary-Just Call Someone!

20130722-114717.jpg2. Declutter laundry room. There are wine bottles there left over from…oh yeah, Thanksgiving. (That would be in November too, right?) The old dog toys that are not being played with need to go.

20130722-114940.jpg3. Clean off counter.Now that the boy is off to college I can get rid of the ginormous containers of muscle milk and the such. I can’t wait to have it hold just my mixer and the potato-onion basket.

20130722-115319.jpg4. The desk area organized and prettied up. It isn’t even right by the door where we walk in, that would be the end of the island. But when I decide to clean off the catch all of the island, I just put it neatly, kinda sorta, maybe not really, by the phone on the desk. Then what? It could so be pretty and organized. Sounds like a craft project! But that brings us to number 5 on my list…yikes!

20130722-115850.jpg5. Craft Room Re-Do. Not only do I have too much, I don’t have it neatly organized.

20130722-120242.jpgI have a bed in there thinking it could be a place for guests to sleep. Well, unfortunately, we don’t have many visitors. When we do, it’s actually better for them to sleep in Mary Claire’s empty bedroom while she’s in college. And now, Adam is off to college leaving another free bed. I think I can put the bed safely in the attic now and get another table or storage shelves.

20130722-120902.jpgIt’s a funky room with no windows and a many angled ceiling. As you can tell, this is where I really want to start. But this room is only for me. Superman has been in here maybe 3 times in 6 years. The other projects around the house are what family and friends see. I know it would please my type A-uber organized husband if I got projects 1-4 done first.

And because I am all about pleasing my man….hee hee…the battle will begin in the kitchen! Onward Ho!

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