Checking Off My List

A couple of days ago I had a list of things that I kept putting off, but yet allowed to drive me crazy. Because world peace is hanging in the balance with this to-do list…here is the progress I’ve made.

20130724-164222.jpg1. Fix Kitchen Sink. I have made phone calls and am awaiting the schedule person to call me back.



20130724-164447.jpg2. Laundry room. Done!

20130724-164535.jpg3. Countertop Clean. Check!

20130724-164644.jpg4. Desktop Clean Finished!



20130725-204435.jpg5. Craft Room Organized. Ta Da! I took the bed out, painted the sewing table and bought some shelving. Removing the bed gives me so much more space. Now I have room for shelves, which allows me to get the paper containers off the floor and in close easy access.

Now the big thing is to keep everything neat and in its place. Do you have a to-do list driving you crazy? Tell me about them in the comments below. Maybe I can encourage you to get it done!

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