Three Gifts of Sand

Today’s Joy Dare Challenge is to name three gifts of sand. Living in South Carolina the beach immediately came to my mind. It has been a few years since we have vacationed there as a family, but whenever I can walk barefooted in the sand I do it. Here are a few sand gifts that bring joy to my heart.


20130724-120532.jpg326. Sand Castles and Pirate Boats. During this particular family vacation, we decided to forego the usual sandcastle and built a pirate boat. Not just a little tug boat, but one that the whole gang could sit in! From the youngest kid to the oldest adult, we all had a hand in digging, shaping and building this ship. Thirty people working together happily is a good thing.

20130724-121415.jpg327. Friendships Strengthened.Several years ago, we had some wonderful family friends that lived in our neighborhood. It was assumed that for every birthday party, trick-or-treating, and ice storm sleep overs, we would be with the Foleys. We went to the beach for vacation too. Even though the kid’s ages ranged from 3 years old up to teenagers, there no fussing, just lots of laughs. Unfortunately, they had to move several states away. We miss them terribly, but we hold dearly the value of the special times we had together.

20130724-122627.jpg328. Beach Peace. Where else can you go to spend hours watching a sea critter crawl up the side of a large jar? There is something about the peace I feel when sitting in my low beach chair, my feet slowly digging in the sand, water lapping our bottoms and listening to the waves crash. It so relaxing to me.

20130724-123156.jpg329. Special time with my Daddy and Poppy.Superman and my brother-in-law know the importance of making family time. Superman is an only child, so to empathize with my desire to be with my five siblings and parents, is one of his greatest qualities. For several years, the two of them would rent a large beach house for the entire family to be together. My siblings live in several different states, so getting together can be difficult. This particular picture was the last year Poppy, Superman’s dad, and my Daddy were able to be with us. They both passed away shortly after. I am so thankful I have those memories.

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