Do What Makes Your Heart Sing

What makes your heart sing? You know that feeling when you lose all sense of time because you are immersed in your “thing”? What gives you energy? What makes you get giddy with delight?

I know with all my heart that God created each of us with special talents, because one person can’t be good at everything. He needed to spread the goodness around. He gave the talent of music to some so our ears would vibrate with sweet notes. He gave the passion of gardening to others so our eyes would sparkle with delight at the sight of flowers and trees. God didn’t forget about our tummies, he blessed many with the talent of cooking.

Maybe you’re thinking that you don’t have any special talent or gift. You do. Are you going to be next HGTV designer or writer of a national best seller? Probably not. Everyone has a special spot in their heart that becomes excited. Sometimes our life becomes so busy or tumultuous that we can’t feel the twitter. Sometimes we know what our passion is but we feel that it isn’t important enough or it’s self absorbing or it takes too much time.

As you all know, my passion is creating. The point isn’t about making millions of dollars off this talent, but to use this gift to bring joy into this world. I admit that I am not an expert at anything I do, mostly because I dabble in too many craft areas and don’t concentrate on one thing. But I love discovering different techniques and trying to learn.

20130729-072525.jpgI am so fortunate to have my own space where I can lose myself for hours. With my music playing in the background, I can get totally lost in the project I am working on.

20130729-072847.jpgAfter transforming the room from a crazy mess into a clean organized place, I had to get crafting. I was looking at this green honeycomb flower that hung over my work table and it had to be decorated. Life is Sweet. Enjoy!

20130729-073136.jpgThen I kind of went crazy with my Cricut machine. A Cricut machine cuts thousands of different fonts, graphics and designs to be used crafts, home decor, celebrations and more. I totally don’t use the machine to its fullest capabilities, but a friend of mine keeps me inspired.

20130729-073759.jpgI started labeling boxes.

20130729-073844.jpgHaving the boxes labeled encourages me to put things back in the right place instead of willy nilly-where ever I can put it to get it out of the way.

20130729-074014.jpg I just like the buttons. Not everything has to have a “great” purpose. Looks like I need to restore my cache.

Walking into Michaels, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby or Mary Jo’s Fabric can sometimes make me hyperventilate. Superman gets that way in REI, a gun shop or a bike store. Looking at ammo, tents and suspension brakes doesn’t quite make me feel the same way as he does, but I get his passion. I understand it. Not only does it bring him joy, but he uses his gift of the outdoors and all things “manly” to inspire young boys and teenagers to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves. To see a boy rappel down a tall cliff, overcoming his fear of heights, is a beautiful thing.

Hopefully,I bring joy to the recipients of the gifts I make. I know that through the scrapbooks I’ve made, memories of vacations, holidays and celebrations are brought to life. Do you love to read? Do you share the books that you love with others? Are you an amazing cook or baker? I bet you care for others with your gifts from the kitchen. We all have unique gifts given to us from God. What is your talent? Don’t waste it. Use it to glorify God. That gift, yes it is a present, from God. Don’t put it up in a closet, never to be used, gathering dust. When you bring joy to others with that talent, tell them who gave you that gift.

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