“Be You” Reminder

I stumbled across this pretty quote from Oscar Wilde during one of my adventures through Pinterest Land.

20130729-122118.jpgIt really speaks to me. I am 47 years old, why do I need to be reminded of this every day? When will it sink in?

I have some amazing friends. I have friends who can hit the tennis ball with accuracy and speed. Me? Not so much. I have friends that can recite the nutritional value of every herb and plant. Is it moldy? Past expiration date? No? Then I’m good. I have friends that look like they’ve just walked out of a fashion magazine on their “bummy” days. You mean I shouldn’t go out in public in my pj pants and a t-shirt? I have friends that can recite the bible….book, chapter and verse…for any occasion. Unfortunately for anyone who might get a bible quote from me will hear “Well, I remember it going something like this….and it was said by some guy, maybe his name was Steve? Or Alan or Ronald.” I get the gist of it right and the spirit of the passage, just not the details.

Anyway, slowly, but surely, I am learning to love me exactly the way God made me. I will never be able to be whomever it is that I admire at that moment, but I can be me. I thought this particular photo was something that I could recreate for my wall.

20130729-123739.jpgUsing my cricut machine and some pretty paper, I cut and glued the words on a 12×12 sheet of paper. Nice, but I wanted it to have a little more to it, maybe a frame of some sort.

20130729-124012.jpgI had an extra box lid, so I decided to cut it into strips and add patterned paper to the strips.

20130729-124110.jpgI cut the strips into 1inch tiles.

20130729-124139.jpgI used my quilting ruler to square up my slats on the back of the piece. I added about a half an inch around all the sides to give some place to put the tiles. Duct tape was my handy dandy adhesion for the slats.

20130729-124516.jpgI randomly glued the tiles around the edge to form a frame for the picture.
Perfect? Nope. But then neither am I. And for this I am grateful.

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