And God said “I’ve got this!”

20130801-131255.jpgThis is Brayden. You’ve met him before here and here

20130801-131357.jpgHe is a superhero. Don’t you just love this cape he got for his 3rd birthday?

20130801-131426.jpgBrayden is a very sick little boy. When he was born at 33 weeks, he had so many complications that the doctors basically told his mom, Nina, that Brayden would never walk, talk or think.

20130801-131617.jpgAll we have to say to those stupid doctors is HA!This super kid runs, mimics every word you say, sings and can do more than most adults. His greatest gift of all is being able to capture the heart of whomever he is with. His power is in the never ending spirit of love.

20130801-132035.jpgWhen Nina moved into the Miracle Hill Mission, her faith was almost nonexistent. She knew no one. Her baby was sick. And she was here in a homeless shelter. God had a plan. I am blessed to be a part of this plan. Through the mandatory devotions and bible study every day and church on Sundays, Nina’s faith just blossomed.

At one point in their stay at the hospital, Nina got a phone call from the homeless coalition to say that they had an apartment for her. We rushed over for her to sign all the papers. A couple of days later, the organization said that they had to give it to someone else because it was a one bedroom apartment and there were two of them. Of course, greatly disappointed, but in faith Nina knew God had something better planned. And He did. The Homeless Coalition had this beautiful, brand new house for Brayden and Nina to call home. Having a clean, brand new home is wonderful for anyone, but God knew that this is what Brayden needed for his health. God said I’ve got this!” Because of the many ports, trache, and low immune system, Brayden is very susceptible to infections. In fact, last week we rushed him to the emergency room for an infection in his trache and blood stream. He stayed there for another week.

20130801-134337.jpgTuesday of this week, Nina noticed mold growing in Brayden’s room. Long fibers covered his shoes, toys and clothes. Nina knows the importance of a clean house and is fastidious about her home, so seeing this occurring in just Braden’s room was terrifying. She checked out dehumidifiers and saw that they were rather expensive for her budget. She texted me to say that she found one that she thought she could budget for in August. Ten minutes later, she checked out her Facebook page and saw she had a message from Making Dreams Come True. This organization is run by two women out of Wisconsin, who happened to find Nina a few months ago. This day they just were checking in and wanted to know if there was anything Brayden needed. Nina replied that yes there actually was….a dehumidifier. The woman said Brayden would have one next week! What-the-What?!? God is probably thinking “Oh child of little faith….don’t you realize that I’ve got this!

20130801-141546.jpgRecently, Nina asked if I had a cake pan she could use. Before I had time to take it to her, another new friend of hers called to see if it would be ok if she brought over some baking pans and the such that she didn’t use any more. Again….God says “I’ve got this!”

20130801-141921.jpgGod lives. God loves. We have to have faith enough to ask. He will answer in his time.

I hope you are inspired in the way God is working in Nina and Brayden’s life. I know I am. Has shown himself to you lately? Thanks for dropping by.

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