Three Gifts Discipleship

Children are going back to school…from kindergarten to college. As a parent of three kids I worry about the world they live in and the influences that bombard them every day. We go to church as a family on Sundays. What happens during the week? What about when they leave home and go off to college. We parents can’t be with our children 24 hours a day and we need the support of others to help disciple our children.
Today’s Joy Dare Challenge is naming three gifts of discipleship. I am so blessed to be living where I do.

20130820-214356.jpg337. Broadcast. The Broadcast Movement is the name of the youth group at our church. We are so blessed to have solid leadership that teaches, encourages and challenges our 7th thru 12th graders. Being a small group leader, keeps me young at heart.

20130820-215948.jpg338. SCBEST. Yup, middle school and high school students can receive bible instruction at a public school during school hours. Spartanburg County Bible Education in School Time is not a kum-ba-ya type of class. It is straight up bible teaching. The class is not allowed to be done on school grounds, so a SCBEST van picks the kids up during school and takes them to a nearby church for the class. No public funds are used. All funds come from private donors. For my children to have the opportunity to not only learn how to write a paper, algebra, history, but also to learn the bible in their great public school is such a gift.

20130820-221422.jpg339. Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Teachers, youth pastors and students meet before school for praise songs, prayer and encouragement once a week. FCA brings together students from different backgrounds, race, and churches to worship under one cross.

20130820-222405.jpg340. CRU. One of the many college organizations passionate about connecting students to Jesus Christ is CRU. Formally known as Campus Crusade for Christ, CRU not only encourages the kids through small group bible studies, but it equips them for leadership and evangelism. For a kid in college to keep his faith alive is hard. In fact at least 80% of college students fall away from their beliefs. That is a scary number. And yet, here is an organization that is doing a great job reaching out to this young generation and bringing them or keeping them close to Christ.

When our babies leave the nest and go off to spread their wings, it can send fear in a momma’s heart. For my children to know that Jesus doesn’t just exist on Sunday mornings, but every day and every second of the day. And to have organizations that devote their time to loving and encouraging the young folk makes me so happy.

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