What’s a Doggy Momma To Do?

20130821-103927.jpgShe won’t stand up. She snaps when you touch her.

20130821-104640.jpgIt so sad to see her in pain, yet she can’t tell me where it hurts. She’ll hold her leg up and hop along, but when I feel her leg for an injury, she doesn’t flinch. Now when I start to help her up by reaching under her tummy, she yelps.

20130821-105728.jpgSince she’s been this way for a couple of days, I made an appointment to see the vet this morning.

20130821-105822.jpgAs I hang up the phone she is prancing around like nothing is wrong. I call the vet and cancel my appointment. She’s cured! Just needed some time, rest and momma’s kisses.

20130821-110334.jpgWrong! After letting her outside to do her business, she couldn’t move to come back inside. She sat there whimpering.

What’s a momma to do? I called the vet back again, and rescheduled her this afternoon. Have you ever experienced this? Have your kids ever had a fever/coughing/crud for a day or two, then when you get to the doctor’s office, they are cured? On one hand, I don’t want to look like an over panicked parent who can’t deal with a little sickness or pain. Yet on the other hand, I don’t want my child to endure unnecessary pain due to me being lax. I guess it is better to be foolish in loving too much, than to be foolish letting someone you love suffer because of pride.

2 thoughts on “What’s a Doggy Momma To Do?

    • Lazyusagi- I took her and we are going to try some rest and anti-inflamatories for a week to see how she does. Thanks for reaffirming my decision.

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