Sorry Lady, You Are Out Of Luck

20130822-150512.jpgRemember this sink? It has been cracked since November of 2012 and has been leaking ever since. Thinking it was made of the Corian material, I called someone off the Internet who specializes in that material. He gives me a quote over the phone, without ever seeing it, for $1300+.

But knowing that I must have three quotes, I call around some more. The guy who does come to take a look, sees that it is in fact not Corian , but Meganite. (Who knew? The 3 Stooges who were putting it in when we were looking at the house said it was Silestone. The Silestone lady said it had to be Corian.) So…my new fix-it guy recommends I contact the Meganite manufacturer to see if it is still under warranty.

Good idea! I’m always in for free repair jobs!

To be covered under warranty I must have these things:
1. Receipt of purchase for sink. Ummm, no, that won’t be happening. The builder can’t even find the records that he built the house 6 years ago.

2.Installer must have been licensed with manufacturer. Uh, doubt that, considering they had no idea what they were putting in at the time and are now out of business.

3.The above warranties do not cover defects or damage resulting from accidents, excessive heat, misuse, tampering, chemical or physical abuse, neglect, normal wear and tear, or natural calamities such as fire, flood and earthquakes, use in applications other than normal interior use, or user related surface blemishes or conditions such as stains, scratches, water spots and burns. Soooo….would pouring boiling hot spaghetti water into the cold sink count as excessive heat?

Geez. “Sorry Lady, You are out of luck.”

20130822-152554.jpg This is the comforter I bought for the bedroom I thought I was going to re-do. Mary Claire said she didn’t think she could emotionally handle it if I did. Today I was going to return it.

Thinking I was being so efficient, I looked for the receipt so I would be ready when I walked up to the counter.

As typical, I can’t find that dang little piece of paper that I thought I had put inside the bag. Well that’s ok. Maybe they could give me a store credit.

That’s when I notice….Do you see it? The store security tag is still on the daggum bag!

I could see me walking up to customer service, putting the comforter on the counter and saying that I would like to return this item.
“No M’am, I don’t have a receipt.”
“Yes, I do see the security tag, but I promise I bought it!”
“Really! I didn’t just snag from the back of the store and bring it up here to do a flim-flam/switcheroo/con job on you. I promise. Pinkie swear?!”

“Sorry Lady. You are out of luck.”

2 thoughts on “Sorry Lady, You Are Out Of Luck

    • Nina- I guess it wouldn’t hurt to at least give a try at returning the comforter. And cost of replacing the sink is wayyyyy lower than what the guy on the phone quoted me.

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