It’s Gonna Be Alright

20130823-121149.jpgMany of my friends are being diagnosed with the “Empty Chair Syndrome”. You all know what it is….you’ve set the table every night for 18 years, in my case for five people, and now all of a sudden, you have one less chair to set for. We just spent the last year experiencing “this will be the last….” fill in the blank….soccer game, first day of school, school lunch packed. You get the idea.

20130823-122835.jpgI remember when I dropped this pretty young thing off at the College of Charleston three years ago. There was so much going on before the big move-in day, that by the time we’re hauling boxes up I was too stressed and tired to be sad. It didn’t hit me until a week or so later, when I was driving to a cross country meet being held at a school I had not been to before. Mary Claire had run for the high school team for four years, so I was accustomed to arriving around 4:45. This particular day I thought I was running a bit behind for Adam’s race. It took longer than expected at the sub shop and I went a couple of miles down the wrong road. My heart started to race and I could feel the dam beginning to break. I was trying so hard to be at the meet before 5:00 when the girls raced. Then it dawned on me….Mary Claire wasn’t racing! She wasn’t even there! She was in Charleston! Whaaaaaaa!

I was crying so hard I could barely see. At a stoplight, a kind gentleman pulled up beside me, rolled down his window and asked if I was alright. I sputtered out that I was just fine! Whaaaaa!

This past weekend we took two kids off to college. (Which you can read about here.) Again, like it was three years ago, it was a very busy time getting ready for the move. But this time I am more excited for them than I am sad. I know that Superman and I did the best we knew how to raise them. There is still lots of growing up to do, but that is one of the benefits of going away to college. I am confident that they will make mistakes and do things they wish they hadn’t. Luckily, they are doing it in a relatively safe environment and still have a loving home to regroup in if need be.

20130823-125146.jpgNow that Thomas doesn’t get home from cross country practice until 5:45, I found myself in my craft room. I saw these pretty papers and was inspired to make some cards for my friends going through the empty chair syndrome.

20130823-125332.jpgSome of my friends just sent their first off and others sent their last. I’m sure we are all having the same mixed emotions of joy and sadness.

20130823-125545.jpgHopefully, if these sweet mommas are having a bad day, they will be uplifted with some kind words in a pretty card.

Is there someone you know who could use a hug, a smile or kind words of encouragement? It will mean so much to them….do it. Call them, text them or send a card.

Thanks for dropping by!


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