Quick and Easy Necklace

Have you heard about the online shopping site called The Grommet?

20130826-123132.jpg I really like the idea that they help entrepreneurs launch their new products.

20130826-123315.jpgOne of the things I have bought from The Grommet is Annie Howes Glass and Bezel Pendant kit.

20130826-123746.jpgThe kit comes with everything you need to make six necklaces. A square and round shape in each of the different finishes, silver, bronze and antique gold, the glass shapes to match each bezel, Japanese papers, the chains and the special glue is all included. Instructions are found on Annie Howes’ website.

The first step is to wash your hands! You don’t want any oils on your fingers.

20130826-125354.jpgSpread glue on the flat side of the glass you have chosen. You can use your finger to make sure the glue gets to the edges.

20130826-130855.jpgPlace the glued side of the glass onto the paper. It is nice that you can see where to place it on the design. Gently press down to get air bubbles out. See the glue squishing out? That’s ok. Just carefully wipe that away. Now is the hard part…waiting.

20130826-131144.jpgand waiting…..

20130826-131211.jpgI flipped mine over, after I was sure it wasn’t going to move on me, thinking like Annie, that maybe it will dry faster. Just a thought.

20130826-131337.jpgNow use your exacto knife to cut away the extra paper.

20130826-131541.jpgTurn the glass over and place a drop of glue to the paper. You don’t need much! Just a little to adhere to the bezel. You don’t want any glue squishing out.

20130826-131710.jpgTa-Da!! A beautiful necklace. Don’t you think these would make wonderful gifts for your girlfriends, sisters or moms? Annie Howes has other kits and supplies.

This hasn’t been a paid endorsement for Grommet or Annie Howes. I just really like what they are doing and wanted to share it with you!


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